Certificate & Endorsement Programs

The Graduate School of Education (GSE) offers certification programs for various professional licensures in the field of education. Broadly, our program prepares you to:
  • acquire a grounding in the practical aspects of the discipline that you will be certified to practice;
  • develop an understanding of the intellectual and research basis for effective practice in the field in which you will be certified; and
  • to provide you with the knowledge and skills for integrating technology and assessment into your practice.


Rutgers/GSE Certificates
Gifted Education (15 credits)
NJ Certifications
ESL (18 credits)
Principal (36 credits)
Reading Specialist (30 credits)
Supervisor (12 credits)
Teacher Leadership (12 credits)

If you have any questions about these programs or need any assistance with the application process, please contact the Office of Student and Academic Services by email, by phone at 848-932-3232, or simply drop by our office for assistance.