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Students Supporting Students Campaign

In 2013, the Office of Development at the GSE created the Students Supporting Students Campaign to create more financial opportunities for our students. This campaign allows current GSE students to create a culture of philanthropy by helping to fund a scholarship. The ideal gift for the 2015 campaign is $20.15, in honor of the graduating class of 2015, but gifts of any size make a huge impact. Please consider making your gift and helping to support the GSE students by clicking here.

Thank you 2014 Donors!

In only our second year, the 2014 Students Supporting Students Campaign saw an increase in student donors. We also raised enough funds to support two students with scholarships. Thank you to all of the 2014 Campaign donors. Let’s keep the momentum going as we enter the 2015 Campaign!

2014-15 Scholarship Recipients 

Congratulations to William Scharf and Madison Malave for being awarded scholarships from the 2014 Students Supporting Students Campaign. Below are their thank you letters to our generous donors. Thank you again 2014 donors!

Dear Donors of the Students Supporting Students Scholarship,

I cannot begin to express how much your support means to me. For months, I struggled with the stress and anxiety that comes from covering the costs of continuing your education. I wondered if pursuing my Masters degree in Education was the right decision. I wondered how I could possibly manage to work enough to pay for two semesters of graduate school while remaining an energetic and effective student teacher. I considered deferring my education to pursue a different job that could allow me to chip away at my student loans while saving for school. I felt like I was being swallowed up in debt and there was nothing that I could do about it, besides giving up on my dream of becoming a teacher for the next couple of years. I could not accept that idea.  I was the first in my family to graduate from college. My parents began to foster my love of learning, but my teachers showed me that I had a deep desire to inspire that love of learning in others. I could see my dreams and my future unfolding before my eyes. The thought of losing all of this has kept me up numerous nights. I was fortunate enough to receive a loan that covered a portion of my cost, but I was left with a balance and not many options to pay it.

One evening, my fears and anxieties were lifted from my shoulders. I came home from class to see a letter from the Graduate School of Education. I worried that it was just another letter from Rutgers requesting that I pay the balance of my term bill. I haphazardly tore open the envelope with my thumb and gave the note inside a glance. I really wish I could’ve seen my expression because all I felt was a pang of disbelief, shock, and finally, relief. Because of your selfless donations, I was able to pay of the remaining costs of my education and spend my energy becoming the best teacher that I can be. The fact that students, alumni, and faculty from my own program were able to come together to help other students like myself fills me with such an overwhelming feeling of pride and honor. I know that one day I will donate to this fund myself so that another student can have a chance to feel the way I did when I received this scholarship.

Thank you for helping me to achieve my dearest dream.

Madison Malave


Dear Donors,

I am writing to express my sincere thanks for the scholarship awarded me.  I am currently in the EdD program at the Graduate School of Education and hope to complete my degree within the next two years.  After a long career in the business, private sector I returned to school and received my MS in Biology at Rutgers University so I am also an Alumnus.  After spending four years as a Teaching Assistant, I was hired permanently by the University in January 2014 and I am currently teaching Anatomy and Physiology to students in the nursing program at Rutgers.

Even though my area of interest is Biology, being part of the Ed.D. program at the Graduate School of Education has been a transformational experience for me, both a person and a teacher.  This generous award is evidence of Rutgers’s commitment to students and the generous support from fellow students.  It demonstrates that all current students and alumni of the university belong to a life-long community of support for the success and achievement of all Rutgers University students throughout the state.

Again thank you so much for this honor.


William A. Scharf


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