Part Time Lecturer/Coadjutant Resources


A Part-Time Lecturer (also referred to as a “PTL”) is an employee hired to teach either a full course (including a laboratory course) for one full semester or to teach a recitation section for a full semester, or at least two consecutive seven week courses in a semester.


Coadjutants (Coads) are individuals who either teach during the academic year and are otherwise regularly appointed employees with a 50% or more type 1 appointment, or individuals who teach less than a full semester during an academic year.


Contract Term
July 1, 2018–June 30, 2022

  • Salary Minima for PTL
    PTL’s paid by the credit:
    Fall 2018 – $1,778 per credit
    Fall 2019 – $1,831 per credit
    Fall 2020 – $1,886 per credit
    Fall 2021 – $1,933 per credit
  • Across-the-board increases:
    Fall 2018  3.0%
    Fall 2019  3.0%
    Fall 2020  3.0%
    Fall 2021  2.5%
  • New Contract Provision (July 1, 2018 – July 1, 2022)
    • Evaluations of PTLs (other than for advancement to PTL 2 or PTL 3 as set forth in SectionII below):
      • All PTLs who are in their first semester teaching as a PTL at Rutgers University must, in addition to being evaluated via the SIRS or successor instrument, receive a class
    • Advancement
      • A PTL shall be eligible for movement to PTL 2 after the PTL has completed a minimum of 12 semesters of appointments as a PTL
      • A PTL shall be eligible for movement to PTL 3 after the PTL has completed a minimum of 12 semesters of appointment as a PTL 2
    • Complete description of the evaluation and advacement can be found in the following link containing the contract (Pages 17-19)

** Job Class Codes
99902 Class 7 PTL (Union Eligible)

99903 Class 7 PTL 2 (Union Eligible)

99904 Class 7 PTL 3 (Union Eligible)

99905 Class 7 PTL (Union Ineligible)

**Job class code 99901 should no longer be used since newly hired PTL’s go into the bargaining unit upon their first semester of appointment.

Coadjutant Class 8

Salary provisions for coadjutant appointments are not governed by a collective negotiations agreement. Therefore, departments may establish appropriate pay rates for individual coadjutant appointments.


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