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GSE Fellowships and Scholarships

Generous alumni and friends have established and continue to donate to more than one dozen fellowships and scholarships. Learn more about GSE’s fellowships and scholarships, and the donors who established them, below.


Scholarship and fellowship awards are made on the basis of academic achievement and/or financial need. While these awards are competitive, interested students are encouraged to apply for consideration by Friday, March 15 using our online application and submitting the following:

  • A one- to two-page personal statement that includes information about your professional goals and how a scholarship could help you meet your goals
  • Names and contact information for two or more recommenders (recommenders will receive an electronic request to complete a letter of recommendation by April 1)

University policy requires that you must submit a current FAFSA application to be considered for scholarships with a financial need requirement.  The FAFSA application deadline is March 15 and can be found here:

If you wish to be considered for the Martin Luther King Scholarship you must also attach a one-page paper on “The Philosophy of Martin Luther King Jr.; Its Relevance for Education.” to your application.

Information contained in your student folder, including your admissions materials, may also be considered in the application process.


Scholarship applications are reviewed by GSE’s Academic and Scholastic Standing Committee. Donors do not have input into the selection of scholarship recipients. Awards are applied to students’ fall term bill in the upcoming academic year.

Upon accepting their award, student scholarship recipients will also be asked to attend GSE’s annual Scholarship Tribute Reception in the spring of the upcoming year to meet and thank donors of the various awards.

Additional Awards and Financial Support Opportunities


Graduate students in assistantship positions have the opportunity to work with GSE faculty and staff, collaborating on a variety of research and professional projects, teaching, or assisting in courses. Assistantships provide full tuition remission and an annual stipend. Please see your academic adviser or departmental office for information on assistantship opportunities.


Many GSE students may be eligible for the Ralph Bunche Fellowships program, which provides stipends for 16 students (one or two-year awards). Candidates are presented to the graduate school by the relevant degree granting units, and master’s, professional-degree, and doctoral students are eligible. For more information, visit the School of Graduate Studies webpage.

Students in the Ph.D. program may be eligible for additional awards and should consult the School of Graduate Studies-New Brunswick website.


Several external funding programs provide financial aid to graduate students in education. The GSE connects students to these outside sources by sending information to academic departments and posting it to the GSE student listserv. Recent examples include:

GSE Fellowship and Scholarship Awards

Arlotto Family Math Teachers Endowed Fellowship
Awarded to full-time GSE students in the fifth year of GSE’s five-year teacher education program who plan to become K-12 math teachers.

Although they did not complete high school, Tom Arlotto’s (RC’60) parents stressed the importance of education to Mr. Arlotto and his eight siblings. As an educator for nearly four decades, Mr. Arlotto saw the need for well prepared math teachers and believes in Rutgers’ model of preparing teachers at the graduate level. Mr. Arlotto established this fellowship to honor his family and encourage current Rutgers students to pursue a rewarding career in education.

Charles Sumner Crow Endowed Scholarship

Awarded to GSE students demonstrating achievement.

Clarence E. Partch Memorial Fellowship

Awarded to full-time GSE students.

Dr. Evelyn Morrison Endowed Scholarship

Awarded to GSE graduate students demonstrating academic merit and financial need.

Dr. Morrison (UCNB’61, GSE’63,’67) cared deeply about GSE and her niece Ms. Betty Copeland fondly remembers attending her aunt’s graduation from Rutgers. Following Dr. Morrison’s passing, Ms. Copeland established this scholarship in memory of her aunt, whom she was very close to.

Edna Hartzel Laird Endowed Scholarship

Awarded to GSE graduate students demonstrating academic merit and financial need.

Ms. Susan Robinson established this scholarship in memory of her mother, Ms. Hartzel (DC’30) who was an educator for many years in the public schools of Medford and Cranford, NJ.

Edward Fry Endowed Graduate Fellowship

Awarded to doctoral students in literacy demonstrating scholarly promise at the middle or near the end of their program.

Inventor of the Fry Readability Graph, a widely used tool for assessing the readability level of reading material, Professor Fry served on GSE’s faculty from 1965 to 1987. During his 22 years at Rutgers, he served as President of the National Reading Conference, the International Reading Association, and the New Jersey Reading Association. In fall 2010, Dr. Fry passed away; in his memory, GSE received several gifts in support of his fellowship fund. In addition, Dr. Fry made a generous bequest gift to GSE in his will to add to the fellowship.

Ensign T. & Vivian R. Slayton Endowed Scholarship

Awarded to GSE students, with a preference for first-generation college students, with a GPA of 3.0 or better, that wish to go into the field of education at any level. Counseling psychology and school counseling students are not eligible.

As a proud alumna of Rutgers, Kathleen Slayton (GSE’72, ’77) wanted to give back to the University that trained her to be a Reading Specialist in Piscataway, NJ. Ms. Slayton wanted to provide a scholarship that will train more good teachers for the future students in our state; in doing so, she sought to honor her mother Vivian R. Slayton, who never finished high school, and father Ensign T. Slayton, who paid her tuition through undergraduate school. Though her Vivian did not finish high school, she constantly stressed the importance of getting as much education as possible to open as many doors of opportunity for Kathleen.

Graduate School of Education Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship

Awarded to full-time GSE graduate students demonstrating academic merit and financial need.

Graduate School of Education Alumni and Friends Scholarship

Awarded to U.S. citizen students enrolled in a minimum of six credits per semester. Award is based on financial need, academic merit, and demonstrated professional/ community/ school accomplishments and statement of career goal.

Graduate / Law School

Awards are based on academic merit.

Hand-to-Hand Scholarship

Awarded to GSE students in a master’s degree with certification program who are entering the student teaching component of their program in the fall semester. Awards are based on academic merit with a preference for those demonstrating financial need.

While completing her degree at GSE, Dr. Liz deBeer (GSN’91, GSE’01) had a student phone her upset because he was student teaching during the day and working at night. Tired and dejected, he did not do well student teaching and subsequently dropped out of the program. Dr. deBeer felt that this student had everything going for him except financial resources; while she was not able to help him at the time, she established the Hand to Hand Scholarship to help others move forward.

Jerry P. Becker Annual Fellowship in Mathematics Education

Awarded to full-time students enrolled at the Graduate School of Education with a Mathematics focus, and who demonstrate academic merit and financial need.

Koffler Family Endowed Fellowship 

Awarded to students enrolled in the GSE pursuing their Ph.D. or Ed.D. degree who are either graduates of an urban high school or teachers currently teaching within the same public urban school district for at least three years.

The Koffler Family Endowed Fellowship was created by Stephen and Jordana Koffler to perpetuate the memory of Bette M. Kindman-Koffler, Stephen’s wife and Jordana’s mother, who died in 2020 due to complications from Alzheimer’s Disease and COVID-19. Always striving to be the best she could be was very important to Bette, as it is to Stephen and Jordana. Obtaining a top-notch education was crucial to that, and Bette received a top-notch education at the GSE, earning both her M.Ed. and Ed.D. Stephen also earned his Ed.D. at the GSE while Jordana has earned numerous degrees at different institutions. The purpose of the Koffler Family Endowed Fellowship is to provide financial assistance to help today’s students do what Bette always did – strive for excellence and become the best she could be.

Lesley Mandel Morrow, PhD. Endowed Scholarship

Awarded to a graduate student in a Masters or Doctoral Program and studying in the field of literacy. The scholarship will be based on academic merit and activity in the field of literacy.

Madelyn McCarthy Miller Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to GSE students in the field of special education planning a career in teaching who are good academic standing with a GPA of 3.0 or better.

Ever since she was a young girl, Madelyn McCarthy Miller (RC’80) always wanted to be a teacher and she pursued her interests in special education at Rutgers. After graduating, Madelyn began her teaching career and married, but unfortunately passed away at the young age of 29. Madelyn’s parents established the scholarship in her memory, which has also been supported by surviving members of her family.

Dr. Marilyn E. Gonyo Endowed Scholarship

Awarded to full-time fourth and fifth year students based on academic merit and financial need as determined by University rules in effect on the date of the award. Qualified students must complete the appropriate University requirements each year to demonstrate their eligibility for financial aid.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship

Open competition with first consideration to minority students, based on a combination of financial need and academic merit. Applicants must attach a one-page paper to their application on “The Philosophy of Martin Luther King Jr.; Its Relevance for Education.”

Norma Nevola Sutera Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Awarded to full-time GSE students studying literacy education who intend to pursue a career in education as a reading specialist or in a related field.

Norma Nevola Sutera (GSE’51) had a love for elementary education and served as a learning specialist. Mrs. Sutera’s husband, Louis Joseph Sutera (GSE’68) established the scholarship in her memory and continues to share his love of education with the scholarship’s recipient at GSE’s annual Scholarship Tribute Reception.

Ruth and Stanley Kosensky Fellowship

Awarded to GSE graduate students majoring in social and philosophical foundations.

Samuel D. Proctor Scholarship

Awarded to GSE graduate students. Awards are based on financial need, talent, and high potential for service to education in urban areas.

A member of the Rutgers University faculty for 15 years, Dr. Samuel DeWitt Proctor also served as president of Virginia Union University, Richmond and North Carolina A&T State University and held more than 50 honorary degrees, including one from Rutgers. As an educator, pastor, author, and pillar of the Civil Rights Movement, Dr. Proctor worked to shape a better world and touched countless lives in the process.

Samuel D. Proctor Fellowship

Awarded to GSE students pursuing their Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) who are outstanding teachers, principals, and graduate students who go on to become positive role models and agents of change.

Students Supporting Students

Awarded to full-time GSE students based on academic merit and financial need.

In 2013, the Office of Development at the GSE created the Students Supporting Students Campaign to create more financial opportunities for our students.

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