Department of Educational Theory, Policy & Administration

The mission of the Department of Educational Theory, Policy, and Administration (ETPA), consistent with the university mission, is to engage in research, teaching, and service. The department prepares educational leaders and scholars through a range of programs for educational professionals, including teachers, administrators, and policymakers from preschool to adult levels. In their research and teaching, the department’s faculty examine institutional policies and practices and the factors that influence them as well as the day-to-day operation of schools and nonschool educational agencies. Undergraduate teacher education at the GSE is a major commitment of the department, with faculty contributing in many ways to the success of the undergraduate teacher education program.

The department embraces the following goals:

  • to prepare educational leaders to be proficient and reflective practitioners;
  • to conduct research and critical inquiry to advance educational practice in New Jersey and the nation; and
  • to serve the people of New Jersey by providing technical assistance and other forms of service.
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