Ed.D. Concentration in Special Education

Program Details

Area(s) of Study:
  • Special Education
Associated Degree:
  • Ed.D.
  • On-Campus
Program Level:
  • Doctoral
Program Type:
  • Degree


The Special Education Concentration is not currently accepting applications. Prospective students interested in Ed.D. study in special education should explore other concentrations that may meet their needs and interests.


The concentration in Special Education within the Ed.D. in Education is designed to prepare leadership personnel in special education for the following roles:

  • administrators of special education services in schools;
  • teacher educators at colleges and universities;
  • teacher leaders among school faculty; and
  • leaders in allied service agencies and organizations.

Potential participants in this concentration might include those aspiring to become a special education supervisor as well as principals or other educational leaders who want to further develop expertise in special education. The guiding principles of this concentration are:

  • commitment to improving educational practices for students with disabilities and other at-risk students;
  • grounding in evidence-based practice;
  • focus on challenges of real-world educational settings;
  • leveraging of doctoral students’ experiences within courses;
  • flexible course schedule meeting individual student needs;
  • balanced development of knowledge, strategies, and skills;
  • strong mentorship support from faculty;
  • Ed.D. student voice in program and course enhancements; and
  • expertise in special education.

Students earning their New Jersey Supervisor’s Certificate may apply 9 of the 12 Supervisors’ Certificate course credits to their Special Education Ed.D course requirements with the approval of the Special Education Concentration Coordinator after they have been accepted into the program


All applications must be completed online through the university’s Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions. Applications are due by February 1 for summer admission.


Inquiry I Leadership I
Inquiry II Leadership II
Learners and Learning I Seminar in Special Education
Learners and Learning II Designing Interventions and Measuring Outcomes in Special Education
Sociocultural Foundations of Education Current Topics in Special Education
History of Educational Reform Other courses under advisement

Program Requirements

The Ed.D. requires 72 credits of coursework, consisting of 24 credits of core study, 24 credits in the concentration, and 24 credits in the dissertation. The Special Education concentration requires 12 credits of core coursework, 3 credits in a methodological selective course, 3 credits in a teacher leadership selective course, and 6 credits in specialization courses with the approval of an adviser. Most students will participate in a cohort program and complete their work in just over three years. A complete listing of degree requirements are available for download or at the Office of Student and Academic Services.

For more information about the Ed.D. program in special education, please see the attached brochure.

If you have more specific questions about this concentration, please contact Angela M. O'Donnell.