Rutgers En Argentina 2012

Group photo of Study Tour Participants at La Paz Elementary School in Rosario ArgentinaThe GSE’s second cohort of students returned from yet another successful trip to Argentina this summer.  Led by Dr. Nydia Flores, the group spent 16 days in August exploring, working, and studying in Rosario and Buenos Aires to gain an understanding of Argentinean society and the role language and education play in this society. 

Cohort members worked with all grade levels at La Paz elementary school; kindergarten through eighth grade in order to become familiarized with teaching children of low-income status, learn about the teaching practices in Rosario, and increase their knowledge of Spanish language use in an educational setting.  The participants assisted with lessons focused on community, how to improve peace, and how to keep the environment clean. 
“There was just something incredibly special about the experience at La Paz,” said participant Emily Chen in her blog. “To hear stories about what some of these kids have to endure at home, and to watch them come into school, and still be able to smile and laugh speaks to a strength that is simply phenomenal. And there’s just so much potential…these kids want to learn, and they do.”
Study Tour participants with children of La Paz Elementary school in Rosario ArgentinaFamily stays remained a vital component of the cultural-immersion experience, encouraging participants to gain a stronger knowledge of Spanish, Rosarino family lifestyles, and Argentinian culture and Education.
“How kind she was to take me into her home and make me feel comfortable and welcome,” participant Emily Grimaldi commented about her host mother in one of her final blog posts.  “She was patient when I did not understand something and I am so thankful that she pushed me to use and expand my Spanish.”
To learn more about this year’s trip to Argentina please visit the Study Tour to Argentina Webpage or the 2012 study tour’s blog here