Language Learning and Community Engagement in Argentina

The Rutgers Graduate School of Education (GSE) offers a unique three week (3-credit) summer experience in Argentina. The program includes: service learning in a primary and secondary school, seminars regarding language, education, literacy, bilingualism, and Argentinean cultural experiences. This is an excellent opportunity to explore modern Argentinean culture and society in all its complexity, from national heritage to contemporary social problems, through a combination of community engagement, coursework, and intensive language immersion. This experience will prepare future teachers to better understand the socio-cultural perspective of immigrant Latino children and families in the American educational system.

Why go to Argentina?

Rationale: Hispanics make up the largest growing population in the U.S. In New Jersey, for instance, the Hispanic population has been largely characterized as one culture, one language. While most programs may provide an orientation to Hispanic culture via Spain, the Euro perspective, residents of our state come from distinct Spanish varieties and cultures such as Guatemalan, Honduran, Puerto Rican, Mexican, Dominican, and the southern cone, Chile and Argentina. With this in mind, the GSE Argentina project wishes to engage its participants in learning more about Latin-American culture, in particular, the Porteño and Rosarino culture in addition to exposing them to an enriching service-learning school environment.

Goal: The major goal of this program is to provide a comprehensive program in which participants are exposed to Argentine society through lived experiences, service learning and self-reflection. Participants will acquire an understanding of teaching and learning, in particular, how to meet the challenges of working with non-native speakers of English in the U.S., and develop a critical eye and critical thinking skills as part of their development of personal and professional competence. The experience is designed to help participants better understand themselves within the context of Argentina and its culture and, specifically, to develop the ability to promote youth welfare through education, to appreciate culture, language and modern society in Argentina, to engage with social challenges and educational needs of marginalized elementary and secondary school children, and to communicate effectively in unfamiliar and culturally diverse environments.


Here are some highlights of the program*

  • Homestays with Argentinean Families 
  • Orientation by university UCEL and welcome City Tour of Rosario: Tour of the Paraná River, the Monumento de la Independencia, and the diverse barrios of Rosario.
  • El Museo Municipal de Arte Decorativo Firma y Odilio Estevez (Municipal Musem of Decorative Art): a museum that illustrates the richness of the European influences in Argentina during the 19th-20th centuries. 
  • Visit to the Museo de la Memoria (A museum in the memory of the desaparecidos
  • Buenos Aires: a weekend trip to the capital will include visits to the City center, the Cinco de Mayo Plaza, and the Cathedral, among other sites. 
  • Weekly cultural activities organized including: current shows, expositions, and activities offered in Rosario. 
  • Las Pampas: Visit to rural Argentina will showcase the lifestyles of rural Argentina, Gaucho country (optional). 
  • Tango Show: an evening of romance and nostalgia enjoying the culturally significant dance of the Tango and Milonga (optional). 
  • Service learning in La Paz Elementary School and Secondary School
  • Seminars: Cultural Expressions - El Tango, Language and Historical Memory, Rosarino Spanish, Argentinean Icons: El Gaucho 
  • Evening of reflections in UCEL

(*subject to change based on scheduling/transportation) 



Students can apply for scholarships through the Center for Global Education during the application process. Additional funding may be available through students' school, department and program. Click here for more information.


Summer 2016 Trip and Application Information

The trip will run from July 24 - August 15, 2016 (PLEASE NOTE: Students should depart NJ/NY on July 23 in order to arrive by the program start date). 

Applications Available: October 1, 2015

Students interested in participating in this program, should have intermediate proficiency in Spanish to provide service in a school, interact with teachers and students, and participate in seminars. All instruction will be conducted in Spanish.

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Previous Trips

The 2015 immersion experience took place in Rosario and Buenos Aires and included family stays, cultural programs with Tango performances and more. Seminars were provided by Rutgers faculty and local faculty from the Universidad del Centro Educativo Latinoamericano (UCEL).  Learn more about the trip by visiting th 2015 participant blogs: 

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If you have additional questions about the program, please contact the Director, Crystal Marull at or the Faculty of Record, Dr. Nydia Flores at 


Study Tour to Argentina, “Language Learning and Community Engagement”

For additional information and to apply to the program, click here