Learning Sciences Lunch & Learn: “Humbling moves in research partnerships: Understanding shifts in expertise as learning” with Susan Jurow

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Graduate School of Education – Room 30

Connect with colleagues during this virtual presentation at the GSE (Room 30). Pizza will be provided! Can’t attend in person? Join us remotely via Zoom (Password if it asks: q#U&skK1)!

Over the course of my career, I have grappled with the nature of humility in doing research. As a woman of color scholar, I was taught that I needed to write without doubt, to speak with authority, and to take more credit for ideas. This changed when I started doing community-engaged research in the mid-2010s. I didn’t abandon my expertise, but rather, I had to un-learn and then re-learn what my expertise was and how to use it.

In this talk, I’ll share a couple of critical moments in my own learning trajectory when I was humbled – when I made mistakes and needed to change my approach and attitude toward my research. These pivots opened new ways for me to engage with my research partners and my team as well as my approach to problem framing, data collection, ethics, and writing. Humility as a design principle has affected my learning as a scholar and can be, I believe, a powerful strategy for generating greater equity in partnerships.

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