Learning Sciences Lunch and Learn with Aaron Rabinowitz: AI Change Gonna Come: Combating Zombie Narratives About GPT in Education.

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Graduate School of Education – Room 30

Connect with colleagues during this in-person presentation at the GSE (Room 30).
Pizza will be provided! Can’t attend in person? Join us remotely via Zoom!

Educators have been inundated with stories about the looming threat of artificial intelligence. GPT in particular is apparently poised to destroy education if it is not contained. In this talk, Mr. Rabinowitz challenges prevailing misconceptions about GPT’s likely impact on education. Attacking the zombie narratives that GPT either undermines genuine learning or is merely a next-gen cheating tool, the speaker argues that GPT will reshape education for the better by further exposing the untenable nature of meritocratic credentialing and by increasing equitable access to educational aid. He likewise critiques the presumption that teachers are obligated to police students’ use of AI and highlights the significant costs of enforcement. The speaker concludes with suggestions on how to think about integrating emerging AI technology into our pedagogy in scaffolded ways that prioritize student growth over the preservation of gatekeeping and credentialism.

Suggested Reading:
Rabinowitz, Aaron (May, 2023) Embracing GPT-4 as a collaborator: Why we must rethink our approach to AI. The Skeptic.

Aaron Rabinowitz is an ethics educator with 10+ years experience teaching about a range of theoretical and applied topics in ethics. He’s currently working on a PhD in education at Rutgers University, with a focus on luckpilling, a new educational approach to luck that helps people accept the taboo truth that everything is luck. Aaron’s other interests include AI ethics, antisemitic conspiracism, and values centered community organizing. Aaron also hosts two philosophy podcasts, Embrace the Void, and Philosophers in Space with co-host Callie Wright. His work aims to make philosophy accessible and useful to everyone.

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