Announcement of Ph.D. in Education Dissertation Proposal Magy Georges: “Women in Interdisciplinary Engineering”

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

The underrepresentation of women in STEM fields, particularly engineering, remains a significant challenge in higher education. However, Rutgers University’s Applied Science Engineering (ASE) program has shown remarkable success in attracting and retaining a high percentage of women students compared to other engineering programs. This research aims to investigate the factors contributing to the program’s achievements in promoting gender equity and diversity in engineering education. Addressing the challenges of rapidly evolving technology and the gap between traditional curricula and industry demands, ASE offers an interdisciplinary approach, allowing students to specialize in emerging fields. Despite ongoing efforts to increase diversity in engineering, women remain underrepresented, particularly those from historically marginalized backgrounds. This qualitative dissertation proposal aims to explore the factors behind ASE’s success in attracting and retaining women students, examining external influences such as recruitment, curriculum design, and available resources. The study will also delve into women students’ personal experiences through qualitative interviews, applying the theoretical framework of Community Cultural Wealth (CCW) to understand the factors shaping their experiences and outcomes. By recognizing the complex interplay of identities and experiences, the study seeks to inform strategies for promoting gender equity, diversity, and inclusion in engineering education, leading to more inclusive and innovative engineering solutions.

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