Announcement of Ph.D. in Education Dissertation Proposal Defense Daniela Tîrnovan: “Designing Translanguaging Spaces and Pedagogies in Second-Grade Mathematics Classrooms”

3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

This study takes two paths developed below. First, translanguaging will be simultaneously an object of research and a lens through which to understand student multilingual-multimodal behavior in a mathematics learning classroom environment. Second, as an object of research and conjoined with a DBR research methodology, this study will assess to what degree second-grade mathematics teachers’ translanguaging stance, pedagogy, and development of translanguaging spaces can affect learners’ mathematical practices. Since most studies regarding translanguaging are particularly associated with mathematics teaching and learning are in the form of the researcher taking the role of the objective observer (e.g., Planas et al., 2021) this study’s research methodology recognizing the intentional and deliberate interaction of the researcher in the classroom environment and attempting to affect the environment to encourage translanguaging practices and spaces sets the stage extending the literature in new directions.

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