Student Takes Action to Promote Education Equity and Reform


Stephanie Rivera is passionate about advancing our nation’s education system. The founder and president of the upcoming Future Teachers Association at Rutgers University, Rivera has been asked to serve on the student panel – Student Voices for Advocacy hosted by the Save Our Schools organization at their annual symposium in Washington, D.C. on August 4.
Rivera, a member of Rutgers University’s class of 2014, authors an online blog named Teacher Under Construction. With more than 7,000 readers, the blog aims to eliminate ignorance of issues in the education system. Her blog was recently presented by George Curous at a workshop for Middle Years of Schooling Association (MYSA) in Australia. Rivera began the blog shortly after taking the Intro to Education course at the GSE.
A student of Education and English at Rutgers, Rivera is also involved in the university’s Future Scholars Program, which aims to provide educational opportunities to low-income students in the New Brunswick and Piscataway area. Besides her participation in this program, Rivera is a mentor, as well as President of the committee that provides positive events for high school students. Outside of Rutgers, she is a student organizer of a new student-led movement called, “Student Voice” that aims to empower students and assure they have a voice in education policy discussions nationwide.
“I want to elevate student voices and work towards building a nation where the term ‘at-risk’ is no longer associated with the word ‘school’,” says Rivera. “Ultimately I want to empower future world changers.”
You can follow Stephanie Rivera on Twitter at @stephrrivera.