Staff Spotlight: Tyler Picone

Tyler Picone is an Administrative Assistant at the Center for Effective School Practices (CESP). Picone advances excellence and equity in education by working specifically with the Alternate Route program.

Receiving a bachelor’s degree in English from Rutgers with a Minor in Women and Gender Studies, Picone has always valued education. Their mother worked at Rutgers for 15 years and Picone’s prior experience working for Orientation and Residence Life. The desire to be surrounded by education and teachers is important to Picone.

What inspires Picone about education is the determination to keep learning and the reinterpretation of outlooks or world-views. They enjoyed navigating the journey of educational discovery. In addition, being around like-minded scholars and others that share that same passion left a positive mark on Picone.

Picone’s highlight working for the Center for Effective School Practices is the constant opportunity to better oneself. Thanks to the educationally supportive environment, team members are provided with a strong foundation to enjoy their work environment in a productive manner.

To destress, Picone enjoys playing instruments in a band and working in Community theater. Working with a friend, Picone helps put together children’s theatrical stage shows. Furthermore, Picone enjoys spending time with close friends, family, reading a book, and going to the movies.