Staff Spotlight : Sharlene Laud

Sharlene Laud is the Assistant Director of Rutgers’ Alternate Route program. Working under the Center for Effective School Practices, she supports individuals who want to gain teaching licenses for substitute teachers, career changers, and recent college graduates. 


Laud obtained her Bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University-New Brunswick in 2013, majoring in Political Science while minoring in Cultural Anthropology & Environmental Policy. Next, she earned a Master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland in Elementary Education in 2017. Currently, Laud is working toward a Doctorate in Education here at Rutgers University-New Brunswick.

While being attracted to the Rutgers Graduate School of Educations’ (GSE) mission of social justice, diversity, and equity, she also appreciated the school’s focus on education and society. Sharlene Laud is inspired by education in the way it opens doors for opportunities, which ultimately help you navigate life experiences better. 

In her free time, Laud enjoys reading. She recently moved back to the New Jersey area where she has enjoyed rediscovering the state.