Staff Spotlight: Korey Weber

Korey Weber is the IT Support Technician for the GSE in the Office of Information Technology. Weber is from Old Bridge, New Jersey. As an Art Institute of Pittsburgh alumnus,  he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Game Art and Design. After obtaining his bachelor’s, Weber moved back to New Jersey where he found a plethora of jobs in his field. “My first job out of college was in Tinton Falls where I worked at a small company that was able to develop interactive exhibits for the Arthur Ashe Learning Center in conjunction with the US Open in 2013. I was on a team that worked on an exhibit about the life of a tennis player Arthur Ashe, who was an advocate for social justice as well as raising awareness and educating the public about HIV and AIDS.” 

Weber then relocated to South Dakota where he worked at the construction company Caterpillar, working on a team in charge of creating 3D renders of heavy machinery for the company’s marketing materials and website. Eventually, he found himself back in New Jersey where he found a job working in IT in a hospital at Princeton Medical Center in Plainsboro.

With his contract coming to an end, Weber was then released from the facility and started his search for a full-time role in the IT industry. “I saw that Rutgers was hiring and for me, I live close by so I decided to apply at the GSE for the IT Support Technician position.” Due to his impressive experience and aptitude for complex problem solving, Weber was hired. In his current role, Weber primarily resolves computer issues for staff and faculty. In addition, he assists with bigger IT projects such as moving building equipment. “I’m happy to be able to take some of the workload off my colleagues and I will be the first responder for when things are broken or need to be addressed. I’m going to be moving all around the building, so that will help me get to know everybody quickly.”

“What motivates me most is that I enjoy trying to figure out problems. If something is messed up, I am not the type to be able to leave it as is. I want to see what is going on and figure it out,” Weber says. His determination to work through problems that were once unsolved makes him a key asset to the GSE. Weber believes this can help him learn how certain things work and help build a foundation for solving difficult technical issues at the GSE. Many students and faculty today use their computers and other technological advancements every day. For Weber, his job is to make sure that members of the GSE can function to their highest capacity.

Outside of his day-to-day responsibilities, Weber is a big-time gamer who knows about the importance that social justice plays in society today. “I play video games a lot with my friends and when it comes to the gaming industry, there has been a big push towards telling stories about social justice issues, political issues, diversity and those who are underrepresented in the community. As the gaming climate changes, it makes the GSE’s mission that much clearer to understand and get behind since I now have this lens into a topic that is critical to lives around the world.”