Staff Spotlight : Jalise Clark

Jalise Clark is the Administrative Assistant for the Office of Student and Academic Services (OSAS) at Rutgers GSE. Clark came to the GSE due to her commitment to the GSE’s mission of Advancing Excellence and Equity in Education.

Prior to the GSE, Clark worked at the University Behavioral HealthCare Center in Piscataway, NJ. Promoted from a temporary worker, she moved to a permanent role. Clark then took on a position in a continuing outreach program at Rutgers University – Newark. Later, Clark left Rutgers to join the School of Medicine at Seton Hall University.


 “At Seton Hall University, I was a part of a new medical school that consisted of numerous trials and tribulations, but in the end, it would teach me a lot,” Clark says. She put together one of the first orientation programs for the first carrier of the medical school and helped create the student affairs handbook from scratch. Working with students from diverse backgrounds and faculty members, Clark found her experience at Seton Hall to be valuable but wanted more guidance within her department.

When she came across the GSE’s job posting, she actively pursued this role. “I have always had a passion for higher education and then I came across this position at the GSE and went for it because I felt that I could learn a lot from the department.” Clark’s responsibilities include working with the Ed.D., Ph.D., and Ph.D. in higher Ed programs, helping students with their registration and dissertation processes. In addition, she ensures student information is current and assists students to keep on track with their coursework before graduation.

Clark interacts with students and faculty members from all walks of life and is committed to the GSE’s mission of Advancing Excellence and Equity in Education. Driven by her passion to help students, it’s her aim to respond swiftly and clearly to student questions and concerns.“I am always willing to give advice to students on different topics and for me it makes me want to strive more when I watch these students completing their Ph.D. programs despite their many obligations.” Her motivation to finish her master’s and inspiration seeing students accomplish goals in life makes her a very approachable person to go to for help considering that she enjoys learning about different kinds of people and cares about seeing them succeed in life too. 

In the next five to ten years, Clark’s goal is to hold a director-level role. “I definitely want to work with the students. My main passions are definitely higher education, diversity, and equity and I am committed to the GSE’s mission of Advancing Excellence and Equity in Education.”