Staff Spotlight: Gemma-Maria Jayme

Gemma-Maria Jayme, Administrative Assistant in the Graduate School of Education’s Human Resources department, just recently joined the GSE staff this past summer. There were many elements that ultimately led to Jayme finding her place at the GSE, but in her first few months after joining the staff, Jayme says she already feels at home.



Before joining the staff team at the GSE, Jayme was an employee for the Rutgers University Human Resources Department. “There are many differences between working for Rutgers as a university, versus working for a smaller entity of the university like the GSE, ” Jayme explained. In her old role, she would handle upwards of 200 employee requests each day. While she enjoyed working for the greater university, she loves working for the GSE because it is a smaller-knit community and is more of a relaxed environment.

In her current role, Jayme is responsible for all new employee onboarding, including handling any paperwork that goes along with adding a new member to the GSE faculty or staff, filing and organizing all employee records, and being the right-hand woman of the personnel manager. When asked about her favorite duty in her new role, she really couldn’t pick a favorite part because she loves everything she does for the GSE! However, she did say that she loves the environment at the GSE the most— “I think the company I have in the office makes such a big difference because we are a small team, but we all get along well. You could say that we feel like a little family in the office… Also, I love getting to interact with all of our students. They really keep me on my toes and feeling young!”.

Outside of work, Jayme has a daughter who attends Rutgers. In her free time, Jayme enjoys going for walks, binge watching TV shows, and shopping. Jayme loves working for the GSE and hopes to continue her career here. When asked about her future, Jayme stated, “I love working at Rutgers, and I hope that I can stay here until I am ready to retire. I’ve worked here for the last 10 years, and I hope to have 10 more!”. The work that Jayme does behind-the-scenes is instrumental to the success, advancement, and progress of the GSE. She looks forward to helping the GSE Advance Excellence and Equity in Education.