Staff Spotlight : Camille Osborne

Camille Osborne is the Administrative Coordinator for Teacher Education at the GSE. She started her career in Student Affairs as the Senior Assistant to the Vice President for the Bucks County Community College. After continuing her work at the University of Pennsylvania within the engineering and medical studies department, she joined us here at Rutgers. Camille holds a B.A. in history and an M.S. Ed in elementary education.


During her years in school, she worked as a student assistant for the Dean of Students. Due to her medical history involving dyslexia, she is well aware of how a good education system can benefit students and has always been very grateful for the help she received during her journey. She believes education should teach everyone to be independent and make a living based on their passions and talents.

“I think that any field in education ties into the GSE’s commitment to social justice, equity, and diversity. A good education can change one’s life and having that opportunity to achieve a successful career should be accessible to all.” Camille states.

Currently, at the GSE she supports the associate deans’ initiatives by coordinating conferences, scheduling meetings, and helping organize grants and projects while managing their calendars. Camille values the work of her faculty towards the GSE’s mission of excellence and equity in education and enjoys being part of the team. After working with students in various teaching environments, Camille hopes to make an impact and see more initiatives at both the secondary and post-secondary levels. She hopes to accomplish this by promoting more college 101 readiness programs.

Camille is currently finishing her second masters in higher education and hopes to use this to accomplish more in the education field, as well as to make an impact on the students she works with. Camille is a welcome addition to the GSE community.