Rutgers Graduate School of Education Ranks No. 43 in 2023 U.S. News & World Report Rankings

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. (April 25, 2023) – Rutgers Graduate School of Education (GSE) was ranked No. 43 in the 2023-2024 U.S. News & World Report’s Best Graduate Schools in Education. The GSE continues to remain the highest-ranked graduate school of education in New Jersey as well as the only graduate school of education in the state with a ranking in the Top 50.

“The Graduate School of Education has been a champion of revolutionary progress in the field of education for a century, by rigorously preparing its graduates to serve in a changing world as educators, leaders and researchers,” Rutgers–New Brunswick Chancellor-Provost Francine Conway said. “That tradition continues today, as the GSE upholds our university mission to elevate the common good through excellence in academics, research and service.”

GSE Dean and Distinguished Professor Wanda J. Blanchett said the accomplishment is a collective effort from the school’s community. “I am truly honored to work with such amazing faculty, staff and students,” Blanchett said. “In our first 100 years, we have done incredible work in the areas of social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion. Our diverse faculty prepare candidates at every level to meet the needs of the growing demography of our country and to make sure that no one is left out and no one is left behind.”

GSE Associate Dean Nora Hyland said, “When a community comes together with a common mission to advance excellence and equity in education, great things happen. The simultaneous work of producing excellent scholarship, influencing policy, developing effective and innovative teaching practices and building best practices in local partnerships is what sets the GSE apart and truly makes us a leader in advancing excellence and equity in education.”

Since 2016, the GSE has secured more than $60.8 million in competitively funded research across its three thematic strategic priorities: Diversity, Equity and Social Justice; STEM Education; and Effective Teaching and Learning. Its instructional programs are grounded in empirical research and developed with the goal of immersing students in opportunities for active, multimodal application of coursework.

This year, the Rutgers GSE is celebrating 100 years of advancing excellence and equity in education. With more than 17,000 living alumni, GSE graduates are making a difference as effective education practitioners, transformative education leaders and accomplished educational researchers across New Jersey, the United States and internationally. More than 150 school superintendents and 20 university and college presidents have graduated from the GSE.

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