Producing New Knowledge in Education in 2010-2011

Generating over 140 publications and making nearly as many presentations, the GSE faculty has been busy this past academic year.  

LeaDr. Etkina advises students on how to approach their courseworkding the faculty in publications, Dr. W. Steven Barnett, Director of the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER), contributed to 17 articles, entries and papers.  Most recently Dr. Barnett joined GSE Professor Emeritus Dr. Dorothy Strickland, and NIEER Research Fellow Dr. Stephanie M. Curenton, on an entry examining the Head Start program for the Encyclopedia of African American Education.

The author of a unique program of physics teacher preparation, Dr. Eugenia Etkina participated in 19 colloquia, panels and conferences last year.  Most recently Dr. Etkina was invited to give a public talk on "The magic of physics" at the 5th National Congress on Physics Education in Bogota, Colombia in May.

Learn more about the hundreds more publications and presentations being completed by GSE faculty by downloading a complete list here.