GSE Alumna Publishes Children’s Book


GSE alumna, Tasha Austin (pen name "Tori Leggard") recently self-published her book, titled "El Barrio Mío", a children's book that encourages young readers to explore new languages and cultures. The book features introductory English and Spanish as a way to help first-time learners adjust to learning a new language.

It was in Dr. Mary Curran's Language and Culture course where Austin laid down the foundation for her book, originally in scrapbook form for an assignment. Based off of her experiences while studying abroad in Spain for a year, Austin gained valuable insight into the significance of learning a new language.

Currently, Austin teaches Spanish in Hoboken High School and plans to use her book as a  guide for her students in documenting their own experiences with learning languages. Furthermore, she hopes that her book will encourage others of various learning levels to start exploring language. As inspiration for books in the future, Austin plans on exploring different complexities that come with culture such as cultural celebration and diversity.

Read more about Austin's book featured in The Hudson Reporter here.

"El Barrio Mío" is available on as well as