Experience the World of Education

The Graduate School of Education (GSE) strives to prepare our students for responsible global citizenship by providing opportunities to experience diverse cultures and gain an understanding of the education challenges faced internationally.

Our interdisciplinary programs provide students on both sides of the world with the chance to exchange information through service learning, training, and distance technology. Our teaching and study-abroad programs lead to educational gains for both the students and educators in the participating countries in ways that deepen their learning, enhance their global perspective, and expand their contribution to the education community.

South Africa Initiative

Launched in the fall of 2001, the Rutgers Graduate School of Education's South Africa Initiative (SAI) facilitates international contact between the United States and South Africa with the vision of empowering students and educators as vital agents and architects of a diverse democracy. We provide experiences for participants to increase their cultural awareness and knowledge, cultural empathy and to better understand their cultural identity while observing and examining the sociopolitical realities of South African communities and schools.  The SAI vision is to develop a true exchange of talents and expertise via in-person contact and through distance-education technology, where educators from the United States and South Africa develop strategies and interventions for the improvement of teaching and learning.

Language Learning and Community Engagement in Argentina  

“Educación y Cultura Argentina”

This unique three-week (3-credit) summer experience (end of July to mid August) takes place in Rosario, Argentina, the third largest city of the country. Participants in the program are provided with three pre-departure seminars that prepare them to teach in an elementary and secondary school. In addition to the service learning component, participants attend seminars regarding Argentina's language, cultural icons, historical memory, and the importance of Tango in Argentina's culture, among others. All participants are hosted by a local family in Rosario and witness an immersion experience like no other. All seminars, service learning in the La Paz school, and the cultural tours in Rosario and in Gaucho country (Las Pampas) are conducted in Spanish. To learn more about this program, please contact Dr. Nydia Flores at  nydia.flores@gse.rutgers.edu 

Community-Based Education in the Yucatán

Created to prepare future educators to affirm and adapt to the increasing diversity among students in U.S. classrooms and to help future teachers contextualize local immigration patterns within a global context, this program facilitates the opportunity for students to attend classes, visit local k-12 schools, participate in online discussions, and engage in collaborative projects with Mexican pre-services teachers.