Future Educators Encourage Learning by Contributing to Campaign


Like many of their peers in the 5-Year Teacher Education program at Rutgers Graduate School of Education (GSE), Fiona Hu (Ed.M.‘14), Tyler Davenport (Ed.M.‘14), and Tiffany Hau (Ed.M.‘14)  are not full time educators, but what sets them apart is their understanding of the importance of giving back, no matter the size of the gift.

The three soon-to-be graduates of the GSE are just a few students who have become donors to this year’s Students Supporting Students campaign.

“Students may give small donations,” said Davenport, “but a lot can add up.”

The GSE launched Students Supporting Students to allow current students the opportunity to help peers in need. The campaign seeks donations from current students with a suggested amount of $20.14 in honor of this year’s graduating class. The campaign then funds a scholarship to be awarded to a student in residence during next academic year.

All three students agree that the quality education earned from the GSE will help them in accomplishing their career goals. They also want to see future classes receive that same value in education.

“With my contribution to the Students Supporting Students campaign, I will be helping the next class accomplish their goal of being an educator,” said Hau.

The Students Supporting Students campaign is designed to encourage a culture of philanthropy for future GSE alumni. Only 3% of the 15,000 living GSE alumni give back to the school. The goal of the campaign is to have the students understand giving back now, so they can be the change and raise the alumni participation rate.  

“Schooling does not end after you graduate,” said Hu. “Giving back is important for the community and the school.”

Hu is also the Co-President of the Teachers Initiative for MultiAmerica (TIMA), which is a nonprofit organization that strives to increase awareness of the need to promote multicultural education in our society. Hu believes that TIMA and Students Supporting Students have like-minded goals. Hu felt it was important to create an example of giving back because she is one of the leaders of the student run organization.


Be like these students and make a contribution to the Students Supporting Students campaign today! You can make your gift online by clicking here. The deadline to make your gift is June 30, 2014.