Faculty Pledge Launches CSA Endowment


The faculty members of College Student Affairs (CSA) have developed an endowment dedicated to the future of the CSA profession. Gregory Blimling, Florence Hamrick, Ebelia Hernandez, Paul Herman, and Fred Bonner II each pledged $5,000.

The CSA program at the Graduate School of Education (GSE) is a two-year Master’s program that was launched in 2009. The CSA program is designed as a two-year cohort experience requiring full-time enrollment along with part-time employment in a graduate internship. Enrolled students plan to pursue professional positions in the field of student affairs and work to develop positive educational environments for undergraduates.

These five faculty members chose to invest in the CSA program so that it can continue to help students reach their goals of being professionals at the college level.

“Student affairs professionals are increasingly important in helping undergraduate students achieve success and reach their potential,” said Dr. Hamrick. “I wanted to help establish this endowment because we’re a very young program and our students and alumni are doing great jobs!”

The professors are hoping to get students involved and they’ve set the bar high with 100% CSA faculty participation. They’re hoping to encourage the same level of participation from their students and alumni. Their kind gesture will not only help the program grow, but also inspire others to follow in their footsteps. 

“There is definitely a Rutgers CSA community and it starts when we recruit you into the program and it continues when you are a student and a member of the alumni community,” said Dr. Hernandez. “Community members are already giving back and I see alumni coming back to help the program with their time and the opportunities they provide our current students.”


For information about College Student Affairs please visit the program webpage

To make a contribution to the CSA program endowment, give a gift by visiting the foundation webpage