Ed.D. Student Pursues Lifelong Learning


Kenneth Kunz’s (Ed.M. ‘10), career path was the result of taking a chance. He has been committed to teaching since his senior year at Linden High School in New Jersey after he enrolled in an introduction to education course. It was in this class that he discovered his passion for learning and teaching.



After graduating at the top of his class from Kean University with his bachelor’s degree in elementary education, Kunz went on to complete his master’s degree in education with a concentration in reading specialization at Rutgers Graduate School of Education (GSE). He was encouraged by faculty to continue his education, and after only a three-month break, he decided to return to the GSE to earn his doctorate in education.   

Kunz is first generation college student, currently pursuing his Ed.D. in teacher leadership. For his dissertation, he is conducting a study titled “Literacy Study Buddies” at Bloomfield College where he is an Assistant Professor of Teacher Education. The study explores exemplary practices with student teachers and encourages them communicate and learn through each student’s field experiences. He plans to complete his dissertation and graduate in the fall of 2014.

“One of the most useful things I’ve learned from the doctoral program is critical thinking skills,” says Kunz. When working on your dissertation you must think critically about studies, interventions, programs, and how they impact student learning.”

He has been driven to succeed by GSE faculty members, specifically the members of his dissertation committee: Dr. Lesley Morrow, Dr. Susan Dougherty, and Dr. Angela O’Donnell.  Kunz has contributed components to the 8th edition of Dr. Morrow’s publication Literacy Development in the Early Years. His hopes are to motivate current and future teachers to incorporate technology into the classroom to make literacy as engaging as possible and encourage students to take an interest in learning.

Kunz also plays an active role in the GSE’s Center for Literacy Development. His involvement with the center enables him to actively participate in professional development and apply these practices at Bloomfield. He is able to unite the concepts of his dissertation study and stay current in the classroom. Kunz is a strong believer in lifelong learning and hopes to inspire his students to be the same.  

“If you are very passionate about education, the GSE’s Ed.D. program is a great way to go,” notes Kunz. ”You get to network with educational leaders throughout NJ and the GSE faculty really help you hone in a topic you are passionate about.”


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