Earn a Masters Degree Online


The Master's in Education in Learning, Cognition, and Development is available online for students interested in the psychology of learning specifically with focus on young children.

The online master's program in Learning, Cognition, and Development is designed to capitalize on the flexibility and benefits of an online program with opportunities for students to also attend classes on campus if they wish to do so. As noted by Dr. Lorraine McCune (http://gse.rutgers.edu/lorraine_mccune), online learning allows students to attend class with full benefits of interaction with their peers as well as their professors without being constrained by differences in location and time. Furthermore through an online program, students receive more individualized attention from their professors.  International students are also encouraged to apply to the program.

The program can be completed online in a two-year period, allowing students to manage their scholarly schedule and keep their options open while pursuing their master’s degree.  Graduates of the program may utilize their degree to enhance their skills for future educational employment or to continue their studies by enrolling in a doctoral program.

Interested students may tailor their schedule to include electives in the program, students will be able to yield a sub-specialty in Special Education or in Educational Technology. The online program features three new classes specifically for those interested in Educational Technology.

More information about the program can be found here (http://gse.rutgers.edu/lcd)

Dr. Lorraine McCune is the chairperson for the Department of Educational Psychology. She also serves as the director of the Infant/Early Childhood Specialist Interdisciplinary Studies program (ISIS). She wrote the book, How Children Learn to Learn Language.