Dr. Weber Recognized for Best Paper

Dr. Keith Weber received the Best Paper Award at the 17th annual Conference on Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education for his paper, “What is a proof? A linguistic answer to an educational question.” The award was presented by the Special Interest Group of the Mathematical Association of America (SIGMAA) on Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education (RUME).

Dr. Weber’s submission was peer-reviewed and then also reviewed by a committee consisting of senior members of the SIGMAA on RUME research committee, executive members of SIGMAA on RUME, and past recipients of the award before being recognized as the best.

Dr. Weber is an Associate Professor in the Department of Learning and Teaching at Rutgers Graduate School of Education. His research focuses on advanced mathematical thinking and his areas of expertise include mathematics, learning sciences, and learning, cognition, and development.

SIGMAA on RUME works to cultivate and disseminate research on undergraduate mathematics. Their annual conference invites researchers in collegiate mathematics education to share their research pertaining to learning and teaching undergraduate mathematics. The 2014 conference took place February 26 through March 2 in Denver, Colorado.

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