Middle School NYSA Lead Teacher – International Rescue Committee

Organization: International Rescue Committee

Date Posted: 3/21/2024

Closing Date: ASAP

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The International Rescue Committee is New Jersey’s largest refugee resettlement organization, serving over 2000 refugees and immigrants each year with resettlement, economic empowerment, education and learning and immigration legal services. The IRC in NJ’s youth program started in 2012 and works in collaboration with schools and families to overcome barriers and promote the academic and social success of refugee students. The trauma of being forced from their homes, prolonged separation from loved ones, displacement, language barriers and poor or lapsed education compounds the academic challenges faced by refugee youth. IRC currently works with over 245+ refugee and humanitarian parolee students enrolled in nearly 20 school districts.

Scope of Work:

In July & August 2024, the IRC in New Jersey will host a four-week summer program focusing on English as a Second Language (ESL) enrichment for refugee youth living in northern New Jersey. The Newcomer Youth Summer Academy (NYSA) will serve up to 130 students ages 5 – 20, in ten classes, from at least 10 countries and will participate in academic, creative arts, and recreational activities. Field trips will be held once per week. The Lead Teacher will lead the classroom instructional team to reinforce English language learning with refugee youth in a positive and healing classroom environment.

IRC seeks (2-3) Middle School Lead Teachers to supervise a self-contained classroom, teaching English literacy and ESL concepts through various subjects and collaborating with volunteer facilitators on specialized recreational activities. Each Lead Teacher is expected to collaborate with Teacher Assistants and Peer Mentors as they implement a culturally and age-appropriate curriculum for a class of approximately 15 students. Given the varied English levels and formal education experiences of the student body, the Lead Teacher must be flexible and comfortable with using various instructional methods for teaching Newcomer Multilingual Learners. Lead Teachers will be supported by the Education Coordinator with regular check-ins and support hours to best meet the ever-changing needs of students.

Lead Teachers will provide valuable student feedback on student growth in multiple areas, including English language acquisition, socio-emotional well-being, and overall school readiness to contribute to the NYSA 2024 Report. Throughout their classroom activities, Lead Teachers will be expected to contribute to the program’s goals of fostering students’ adjustment to school culture and preparedness for the upcoming school year.

Anticipated Position Term: July 15 – August 17, 2023

Major Responsibilities:

  • Implement culturally and age-appropriate curriculum for a class of approximately 15 students
  • Differentiate instruction to ensure positive learning experiences for students with interrupted formal education and students with varied language proficiency
  • Co-plan adaptive curriculum and daily lesson plans in collaboration with their Teacher Assistant
  • Collaborate with classroom teacher assistants to integrate activities and practices that support students’ social-emotional learning and well-being in addition to student’s academic development
  • Comply with all agency policies and protocols, including providing feedback on training and program-wide evaluation
  • Supervise classroom staff
  • Ensure classroom environment is welcoming, nurturing, and supportive to refugee students and promotes trust and self-esteem building
  • Collaborate with activity facilitators (yoga, music, art, sports) to ensure English language acquisition is promoted throughout all program activities
  • Engage in daily all-staff debriefings
  • Assist with daily operations including student arrival and dismissal, lunchtime setup/clean up, and Friday field trips
  • Participate in staff and volunteer training the week of, including curriculum development and overview of IRC’s Social and Emotional Asset Development (SEAD) Curriculum (addressing social and emotional needs of refugee youth)
  • Provide feedback on student growth and complete student evaluation forms