Awards and Distinctions to College Student Affairs Faculty, Students, and Professionals

The first cohort of College Student Affairs (CSA) Ed.M. students will receive their degrees in May. Despite the CSA program’s brief history at Rutgers and the GSE, a number of its faculty members, students, and professional affiliates have garnered national recognition for their achievements and contributions.

This year, four College Student Affairs faculty members and affiliates have received national awards for scholarship. Drs. Florence Hamrick and Ebelia Hernandez have been named Senior and Emerging Scholars, respectively, by ACPA (College Student Educators International Association). In addition, Dr. Hernandez was named an AAHHE (American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education) Faculty Fellow, and Dr. Hamrick was elected Chair (Chair-Elect 2011-12) of the NASPA (National Association of Student Personnel Administrators) Faculty Fellows.

Dr. Greg Blimling, Vice President for Student Affairs at Rutgers and CSA affiliate, received the NASPA Outstanding Contribution to Literature or Research Award. Dr. Barbara Lee, Professor in SMLR and CSA, received the William H. Kaplin Award for Excellence in Higher Education Law and Policy Scholarship.

Three Division of Student Affairs professionals who also supervise CSA graduate student interns received national awards from ACPA for their outstanding contributions to the student affairs profession. Ms. Ruth Anne Koenick (also a CSA affiliate) received the Wise Woman Award from the Standing Committee on Women; Ms. Jenny Kurtz received the Public Service Award from the Standing Committee for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Awareness; and Ms. Courtney O’Connell was inducted into the Annuit Coeptis honor society.

Three CSA graduate students earned national distinctions from ACPA. Mr. Angel Hernandez was received the Outstanding Graduate Student Award from the Standing Committee for Multicultural Affairs, and Ms. Holly Ennis was named Outstanding Masters Student by the Standing Committee for  Graduate Students and New Professionals. Ms. Casey Hennessey received an Graduate Student Grant, and Ms. Ashley Nickelsen was named an ACPA Ambassador.

Six CSA graduate students were selected via competitive national processes for Summer 2011 internships by either ACUHO-I (Association of College and University Housing Officers International) or NODA (National Orientation Directors Association). These students are: Devin Budhram, Jon Buchalski, Vidhi Desai, Stephanie McRae, Ashley Nickelsen, and Jessica Prodoehl

Mr. Barry Hendler, CSA graduate student, and Ms. Julie Howe presented an educational session on supervising millennial staff members that was recognized as one of the Top 10 Sessions and the Best 30 Minute Session overall at the MACUHO (Mid-Atlantic Association of College and University Housing Officers) conference.

In addition, eight CSA students presented or co-presented educational program sessions – selected via peer review – at either the ACPA or NASPA 2011 national meetings: Dijha Allen, Sattik Deb, Holly Ennis, Barry Hendler, Casey Hennessey, Amanda Steeber, James Timothy, and Ryan Westman.

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