Arlotto Family Establishes Math Teachers Fellowship

This year, more than one dozen Graduate School of Education students will be eligible to apply to receive a new fellowship: the Arlotto Family Math Teachers Endowed Fellowship. Established with a generous gift by Thomas Arlotto, RC’60, the Arlotto Family Math Teachers Endowed Fellowship will be awarded to full-time students in the 5th year of GSE’s 5-year teacher education program who wish to become K-12 math teachers.

A Jersey City native, Mr. Arlotto grew up as one of nine children in his family and recalls that his father would “go without a roof over his head but his children were going to college.” Despite the fact that they did not complete high school, both Mr. Arlotto’s parents stressed the importance of education and all of the Arlotto children completed college. Moreover, many of them pursued careers in teaching. 

During his career as a math teacher in the Franklin Township public schools that span nearly four decades, Mr. Arlotto recognized the need for math teachers to be well prepared. He believes in GSE’s model of preparing teachers with master’s degrees and notes that his own education, which includes master’s degrees from Seton Hall and The College of New Jersey, helped him to achieve his dreams and find a career that he loved.

Mr. Arlotto established this fellowship at GSE to honor his family and encourage Rutgers students to pursue a rewarding career in education. In addition to being full-time students in the 5th year of the 5-year teacher education program with a demonstrated desire to become K-12 math teachers, applicants will be selected based on academic merit and financial need. Qualified students must complete the appropriate University requirements to demonstrate their eligibility for financial need.

For more information on applying for the Arlotto Family Math Teachers Endowed Fellowship, please click here.  Mr. Arlotto looks forward to meeting the Arlotto Family Math Teachers Endowed Fellows at future GSE Scholarship Tribute Receptions, which are held each spring.