Alumni Profile: Dr. Harry Jesse Guiles


While working in the clinical laboratory sciences at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ), Dr. Harry Jesse Guiles (RC ’70, GSE ’82, ’93) discovered he had a gift for teaching. Dr. Guiles was recruited by UMDNJ to give lectures after informally helping the interns understand the terminology of the field.


When UMDNJ encouraged him to continue his education, Dr. Guiles immediately thought of his alma mater, Rutgers University. He found that the Graduate School of Education (GSE) allowed him to balance a hectic work-life with being a student in the vocational education master’s program. In 1982, Dr. Guiles earned his master’s degree and then 10 years later, he earned his doctorate degree. Besides the flexibility offered by the programs at the GSE, Dr. Guiles attributes much of his academic success to the faculty.


“I am so grateful for the knowledge I gained at the GSE,” notes Dr. Guiles. “I would have never had the determination to pursue and complete a doctorate degree without the support and motivation of the faculty.”


After completing his dissertation, Dr. Guiles became an expert in the field of clinical laboratory sciences. He was a member of The American Society of Clinical Pathology and sat on the committee of Research and Development. As a committee member, Dr. Guiles oversaw the creation of the national certification exam for the clinical laboratory sciences field.


Dr. Guiles’s dissertation has given him international recognition, allowing him to present his research at many international conferences and special events. He also contributed studies on career development in the clinical laboratory sciences. 


Now retired, Dr. Guiles keeps himself active. In his free time, he enjoys reading books that are non-work related, doing contra-dancing in Princeton, and playing in various poker tournaments. Dr. Guiles is also fascinated with different cultures and enjoys traveling whenever he can. He is thinking about making his next adventure a trip to South America for the 2016 Summer Olympics.


Dr. Guiles did not intend to become an educator, but enjoyed the transition. He feels there is always a need for educators in the clinical field and the GSE has provided technical-minded professionals, such as himself, with the ability to teach and enlighten future scholars.  


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