Alumni Profile: Dr. Hao Song



As a child Dr. Hao Song (Ed.M. ’98, Ph.D. ’07) aspired to one day become a teacher.  She remembers often mimicking being a teacher with her friends.  It was their favorite game to play.  Growing up she was always immersed in learning and education as a child.  Both of her parents were university professors.  Thus, getting an advanced education was an expectation in her parents household.  She was motivated to make her parents proud and so she was a great student in school and always excelled in all of her school endeavors. 

Graduating with her undergraduate degree in English as a Second Language in her home country of China, Dr. Song decided to embark on an educational journey in the United Sates, which she now calls home. Dr. Song pursued her dreams at the Rutgers Graduate School of Education (GSE) as an international student, where she received both her master’s and doctorate degree in Educational Statistics and Measurement.

Her dissertation research focused on theories and methods for testing a person’s knowledge and ability. Dr. Song dedicated her career to this topic of interest.

“Exams are not fair assessments of skills or knowledge and I was always interested in changing that,” notes Dr. Song.  

After graduating from the GSE in 2007 Dr. Song worked as a psychometrician at the American Board of Internal Medicine in Philadelphia. She moved to Chicago last October to take on the role of Senior Director of Psychometrics and Research in the cognitive testing department at the National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners.

For those interested in her field of study Dr. Song urges dedication, a strong foundation, and most of all a broad knowledge base.  She feels it is imperative that education researchers have an introduction and general understanding of several areas of education besides statistics and a specific area of expertise. 

“The GSE requires students to take courses outside their concentration, helping them explore a broad range of topics, which makes them well-rounded professionals upon graduation,” states Dr. Song.

Dr. Song is an active member of American Education Research Association (AERA). She is currently the treasurer of the Test Validity Research and Evaluation Special Interest Group and is also involved in the Education in the Professions Division of the organization.

Dr. Song believes her education at the GSE gave her a great foundation, which lead to many of her current accomplishments. She also credits her advisors and the faculty at the GSE for helping to shape her into the professional she is today.  By contributing to the GSE Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship, Dr. Song hopes to provide students with the opportunity to develop the foundation needed for their future.


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