Department of Educational Psychology

The Department of Educational Psychology seeks to inform and improve educational practice through the creation and application of knowledge; the preparation of educational professionals and researchers; and a constructive engagement with educational agencies and institutions at the local, state, national, and international levels.

In support of these goals, we are committed to:

  • preparing students to be knowledgeable about research methodologies, theories, and current research findings in educational psychology;
  • researching issues in education and psychology that concern the lives of children and young adults in their educational and personal development;
  • pursuing partnerships with other units at Rutgers to ensure that faculty and students can benefit from the expertise and resources of the entire university; and
  • helping to meet the needs of New Jersey’s increasingly diverse population through the recruitment and retention of a diverse faculty and student body as well as the development of programs that directly address the concerns of atypical and underrepresented groups.