44th Annual Conference on Reading and Writing

Recognized as one of the university’s longest running professional development events, the

The conference kicked off with a welcoming introduction by University President Dr. Richard McCormick.  McCormick described his own childhood struggles with literacy, crediting an attentive teacher with igniting his interest in reading by helping him find material in which he was interested.  The conference was headlined with a keynote address by Teachers College Researcher, Lucy

The conference is hosted by Rutgers Center for Literacy Development.  Co-Directed by Lesley Morrow, PhD and Michelle Rosen, MA, the Center for Literacy Development is a network of literacy leaders across the state created to support professional-development initiatives in schools and communities.  The center offers custom professional development plans, workshops, coaching and evaluations for school districts.

Learn more about the Annual Conference on Reading and Writing and the Center for Literacy Development by visiting http://rutgersliteracycenter.org/