Outreach & Services for Educators

Connecting educators with the resources to improve teaching and learning is central to the GSE mission. The GSE works with practitioners and scholars to identify critical needs in education and to develop targeted programs to address these needs. This partnership makes the GSE’s education resources—technical assistance, professional development, coaching, and other support services—relevant and responsive to the everyday realities faced by educators, schools, and school districts.

The GSE’s outreach and service initiatives are research based and have been field tested to improve pre-K–16 classroom and school organizational practices. Our programs emphasize achievement for all learners, student attainment of state and national content standards, and the preparation of lifelong learners who will be productive members of society.

We are committed to linking research with policy and practice and sharing this knowledge with the greater education community.   

Alternate Route Training

The GSE's Center for Effective School Practices provides Alternate Route training for college graduates who are interested in becoming a teacher but haven’t completed a traditional teacher-training program at a college or university. Candidates who successfully complete the Alternate Route program, offered under contract with the New Jersey Department of Education, receive state teacher certification.

Regional Educational Laboratory Mid-Atlantic 

The federally funded Regional Educational Laboratory Mid-Atlantic (REL Mid-Atlantic) is committed to serving the people of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia by conducting and reviewing research that addresses regional needs. REL Mid-Atlantic reaches out to schools, school districts, educators, and others who have a stake in improved educational outcomes.

Center for Literacy Development

The Center for Literacy Development is committed to improving literacy support systems and providing a professional learning network of literacy leaders and teachers. The center’s network membership services include professional development to improve teacher quality and school leadership, literacy coaching in schools, and direct services to children.

Representational Tools Project

Life science is often about understanding complex systems, from the human body to ecosystems to evolution. The Representational Tools project supports research that addresses three main questions: What does it mean to understand a complex system? How can providing an explicit conceptual representation support this understanding? How can dynamic representational tools support learning about this conceptual representation?

Tutoring Plus

Tutoring Plus is a community work-study program operating within the partnership between the GSE and the New Brunswick Public Schools. Tutoring Plus encompasses several programs in which faculty, administrators, and students from Rutgers and the New Brunswick schools collaborate to improve the learning experiences of students, the quality of public education, and communication between schools and the university.