Susan L.

Profile: Susan L. Golbeck

Associate Professor

I'm interested in how children become autonomous thinkers in dynamic social contexts.

Professional Affiliations:

American Educational Research Association
American Psychological Association
Jean Piaget Society


Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University

Research Work With Students

My research interests focus on children's cognitive development. I am particularly interested in spatial thinking in early and middle childhood. Currently I am studying the effects of peer collaboration on spatial problem solving and the role of conflict in cognitive change. I am also interested in the applications of developmental theory to problems in early care and education. This includes the role of teachers' and caregivers' beliefs about learning and development, the design of developmentally appropriate instruction, and the effects of media-based toys on children's play.

Recent & Selected Publications

Golbeck, S. L. & Ginsburg, H. P. (2004).   Guest Editors.  Special Issue on early learning in math and science.  Early Childhood Research Quarterly19(1).

Eberly, J. & Golbeck, S. (in press).   Blocks, building and mathematics:  Influences of task format and gender of play partner among preschoolers.  Advances in early care and education.

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Golbeck, S. (2002). Instructional models for early childhood education.   ERIC Digest.  September, 2002, ED 468565.  (translated into Spanish, Modelos de instruccion para la educacion en la ninez temprana, ERIC Digest, October, 2002, ED470214)

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