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Rutgers GSE faculty are experts in many different subject areas in education.

Adult & Continuing Education:

Dr. Alisa Belzer

Dr. Brian Dashew

Early Childhood Education:

Dr. Steven Barnett

Dr. Ellen Frede

Dr. Allison Friedman-Krauss

Dr. GG Weisenfeld

Dr. Sharon Ryan

Mathematics Education:

Dr. Dan Battey

Dr. Gerald Goldin

Dr. Juan Pablo Mejia-Ramos

Dr. Keith Weber

Mathematics Learning Disabilities:

Dr. Dake Zhang

Science & Science Education:

Dr. Ravit Golan Duncan

Dr. Janice Gobert

Inquiry Learning:

Dr. Clark Chinn

Education Testing:

Dr. Chia-Yi Chiu


Dr. Caroline Clauss-Ehlers

Teacher Education:

Dr. Amy Lewis

Leslie Calabrese

Dr. Maqueda Randall-Weeks

Urban Education:

Dr. Nora Hyland

Dr. Beth Rubin

Higher Education:

Dr. Florence Hamrick

Evaluation & Assessments:

Dr. Drew Gitomer

Creative Education:

Dr. Helane S. Rosenberg


Dr. Christelle Palpacuer-Lee

Learning Through Play:

Dr. Carrie Lobman

Cooperative Learning Study Skills:

Dr. Angela O’Donnell

Child Development:

Dr. Lorraine McCune

Bullying & School Violence:

Dr. Matthew Mayer

Teacher Leadership:

Dr. Melinda Mangin

Education History:

Dr. Benjamin Justice

College Student Affairs:

Dr. Ebelia Hernandez

Gifted Education:

Dr. Leonore Cortina

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