Ravit Golan

Profile: Ravit Golan Duncan

Associate Professor


My research interests focus on thinking and learning in science. I am specifically interested in the role of domain-specific knowledge in the development of scientific literacy. In my dissertation work I studied student cognition in genetics, and the ways in which our understanding of students' reasoning can inform the design of more effective learning environments.

During my doctoral studies I have also done extensive work on the role of technology in science learning and the development of design guidelines for software scaffolds.

Currently I am studying pre-service teachers' understandings of the nature of science, and the development of these understandings during the course of their preparation program. In particular, I examine the ways in which teachers' knowledge of biology informs their understandings of the nature of science more generally.

Professional Affiliations: 
American Educational Research Association 
National Association for Research in Science Teaching


Ph.D., Northwestern University