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Florence A. Hamrick, Ph.D. is a professor in the Department of Educational Psychology. Her research focuses on issues of equity, access and success in higher education settings. Hamrick’s career was inspired by her own public school education plus her subsequent experiences in and commitments to public higher education. Growing up, Hamrick knew college was not a high priority—or in many cases, financially possible—for many of the high school students she graduated with. Hamrick is a second- generation college student; her father was a WWII veteran who used GI Bill benefits to fund his education. Her undergraduate experience ignited a commitment to the importance of students’ access to varieties of learning experiences and opportunities. Hamrick earned a B.A. in English at the University of North Carolina and a master’s degree in College Student Personnel from The Ohio State University. She worked as a student affairs professional for 10 years before earning a Ph.D. in Higher Education from Indiana University.


In 2010, Hamrick joined the Rutgers GSE faculty as a professor in the Department of Educational Psychology where she continues to focus on higher education. Hamrick teaches in the College Student Affairs master’s program and is the Graduate Program Director of the Ph.D. in Higher Education program, which opened in 2016. Hamrick works closely on research with students and has published in many top journals; she is former editor of the Journal of College Student Development. She also fulfills a number of service commitments at Rutgers, including current memberships on the Graduate Student Life Advisory Board and the Rutgers-New Brunswick Veterans Task Force.


Ph.D. in Higher Education, Indiana University (1996)

M.A. in College Student Personnel, The Ohio State University (1983)

B.A. in English, University of North Carolina (1981)

Expertise & Research Interest

Higher Education
College Student Affairs

Recent & Selected Publications

Book and Monograph Chapters

Hamrick, F.A., & Kinzie, J. (2017). Applying theories and research to practice. In J. H. Schuh, S. R. Jones, & V. Torres (Eds.). Student services: A handbook for the profession (6th ed.) (pp. 514-530). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Hamrick, F. A., & *Kohlmann, K. (2015). Trends and milestones affecting student affairs practice. In J. H. Schuh & E. A. Whitt (Eds.), Glancing back, looking forward (New Directions for Student Services, No. 151, pp. 15-25) San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Refereed Journal Articles

*Miele, A. N., & Hamrick, F. A. (2019). The evolution of alternative dispute resolution practices by residential conduct officers: Revisiting Pitts and Waryold’s 1990 “Sanction Enhancement Group” study. Journal of College and University Student Housing, 45(2), 14-29.

*Miele, A. N., *Kelley, J. W., & Hamrick, F. A. (2018). Living on campus: Addressing misconduct among students with autism spectrum disorder. Journal of College and University Student Housing (special issue: Contemporary Legal Issues in College and University Student Housing), 44(3), 30-34.

Honors & Awards

Senior Scholar, ACPA

Faculty Fellow, NASPA

Robert H. Shaffer Distinguished Alumni Award, Indiana University

Maude Stewart Award for Alumni Leadership and Innovation, The Ohio State University

Annuit Coeptis Senior Professional Award, ACPA

Diamond Honoree, ACPA

Professional Affiliations

Graduate Student Life Advisory Board

Rutgers-New Brunswick Veterans Task Force

School of Graduate Studies Diversity Fellowship Selection Committee