Policies & Procedures

When I miss a semester, what do I do?

The student then has to be reinstated.  The GSE [node:1162] fills out the reinstatement form. The student takes the form to Records Hall and pays a fee. The student brings the processed form back to the GSE [node:1162], where it is signed by the associate dean. The student then takes the form to the registrar's office, submits the form, and is now able to register for class.

What happens if I register late for a class?

You will not receive a term bill if you register late or during the final days of course registration. 

Please make sure you are on your instructor's course roster and that you have paid your semester bill. Students who fail to pay semester bills on time will be automatically deregistered from the course and will not be able to receive a grade. Check on the status of your semester bill by visiting www.studentabc.rutgers.edu.

What does it mean if a course says it is being offered at a location and on rutgersonline.net?

The course is what we call a "hybrid," which incorporates an online component that allows the instructor to cut the in-person meeting time in half. Typically the class would be held in person at the site location every other week—but the schedule is ultimately determined by the instructor. Students are required to attend the course on campus as well as complete assignments online.

I took a course this past semester. How do I access my grade?

Rutgers does not send grades via mail. If you need to know your grades, please visit: nbregistrar.rutgers.edu/.  (You will need your Net ID and password in order to view your grades)

How much is tuition?

You can view Graduate School of Education tuition and fees for the 2010-2011 by downloading the following .PDF: http://studentabc.rutgers.edu/forms/tuition/FY10-11Tuition-NBGraduate.pdf. Additional information is available from the Student Accounting Financial Services Office, http://studentabc.rutgers.edu.

How long do I have to clear an incomplete grade?

Incomplete work may be made up, and a change of grade authorized by the instructor within a period agreed upon by the instructor and the student. This makeup period may not extend for more than two terms beyond the original course registration. Incompletes generated during Summer Session must be completed by the end of the following Summer Session. Students with two or more incompletes are not permitted to register for additional courses after one term until incompletes are completed.

How do I register for a course?

Participants already admitted to a program may register for courses online via the Web Registration System.

1) Go to the Web Registration System online: https://sims.rutgers.edu/webreg/ (NetID required)

2) Using the following pages, determine how you would like to login:

3) To register for a course, click "Add/Drop Courses," then "SUBMIT." Enter the index numbers of all courses desired and click "ADD/DROP."

Please visit the Off-Campus Course Schedule to ensure that you enter the correct INDEX number for the course(s) you wish to take.

Please remember that if you intend on taking courses to be credited toward one of the GSE certification programs, you must complete an official application and be accepted into your desired program.

Building addresses and room locations for classes will be communicated to you via email.

Due to a system-embedded prerequisite block, students are unable to use the web-registration system to register for the following Special Education Certification program courses: 05:300:480, 05:300:481, and 05:300:495. To register for these three courses (and only these courses), please email academic.services@gse.rutgers.edu with the following information: Subject: "Prereq Override Request," Your Name, RU ID, Email, Course Name, Course Number and Index #. Your registration will be confirmed via email once it has been processed.

How do I cancel a class?

Courses can be cancelled by utilizing http://webreg.rutgers.edu, unless it is the only course you are taking. If you need to cancel the only course you are taking, please contact the New Brunswick Registrar's office at 732-445-7000 for assistance. If the GSE needs to cancel a course, we will notify you via phone and email.

How can I receive the record of my transcripts for education off-campus courses that I completed?

You can order a copy of your official transcript online by going to https://transcripts.rutgers.edu/transcripts/index.html. Email requests will not be accepted. After you fill out the online form, you will be able to pick up your transcripts in person or receive them by mail in 7–10 business days.

Can I pay my term bill online?

Yes. You may do so at www.studentabc.rutgers.edu.