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Profile: Drew H. Gitomer

Rose & Nicholas DeMarzo Chair in Education

Drew Gitomer, Ph.D., the current and inaugural holder of the Rose and Nicholas DeMarzo Chair in Education, studies the assessment and evaluation of teaching. His research examines policy-related issues in teaching and teacher education, and considers a range of constructs that are related to teaching quality, including the quality of classroom interactions, teacher knowledge, teacher beliefs, and student achievement. From work in student performance assessment and portfolios through studying measures of teaching quality such as observations, artifacts and teacher knowledge, the scope of Gitomer’s research has focused on the design and validation of assessments that support the improvement of instruction. Gitomer’s interest in assessment and evaluation stem from his undergraduate studies in psychology, during which he began to explore his interest in the way people think and learn. He would later go on to investigate the relationship between learning theory and practical issues in education, as both a graduate student and young professional.

After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology, Gitomer took a position at Educational Testing Services (ETS), where he came to hold the title of distinguished researcher and director of the Understanding Teaching Quality Center, and senior vice president for Research and Development. In 2011, he joined Rutgers GSE as the newly appointed Rose and Nicholas DeMarzo Chair in Education, and has since implemented a plan of research, teaching, and professional leadership that has made a lasting impact on scholarship at the GSE. He has also contributed to the dialogue on teacher evaluation research and practice across the country. Gitomer currently fulfills many advisory roles, including serving on a number of academic journal editorial boards, federally funded projects, advisory panels, and the James S. McDonnell Foundation’s Teachers as Learners Program Advisory Board. He has written and edited a number of highly regarded publications, including articles for the Journal of Teacher Education, Review of Research in Education, and Educational Measurement.


Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology, University of Pittsburgh (1984)

M.S. in Cognitive Psychology, University of Pittsburgh (1982)

B.A. in Psychology, Franklin and Marshall College (1977)

Expertise & Research Interest

Teaching Quality

Measure of Teaching

Teaching Policy

Research Work With Students

Principal Investigator: Classroom Artifacts as Indicators of Quality in STEM Education, National Science Foundation (1/2015- 12/2017) $300,000 (Jeanette Joyce, Ph.D., GSE ‘17)

Principal Investigator: A Review Of Emerging State Evaluation Systems, American Federation of Teachers (5/2013-12/2013) $40,000 (Kevin Crouse, GSE doctoral candidate & Jeanette Joyce, Ph.D., GSE ’17)

Principal Investigator: Assessing, Validating, and Developing Content Knowledge for Teaching Energy, National Science Foundation- Discovery Research K-12 (2012-2017) $1,644,000 (Rob Zisk, GSE doctoral candidate & Charlie Iaconangelo, Ph.D., GSE ’17)

Recent & Selected Publications

Shah, A. M., Wylie, E. C., Gitomer, D. H., & Noam, G. G. (2018). Improving STEM program quality in out-of-school-time: Tool development and validation. Science Education.

Joyce, J., Gitomer, D. H., & Iaconangelo, C. (2017). Classroom assignments as measures of teaching quality. Learning and Instruction. doi: 10.1016/j.learninstruc.2017.08.001

Gitomer, D. H., & Bell, C. A. (Eds.) (2016). Handbook of research on teaching (5th ed.). Washington, DC: American Educational Research Association.

Gitomer, D.H. & Zisk, R.C. (2015) Knowing what teachers know. Review of Research in Education, 39(1), 1-53. doi: 10.3102/0091732X14557001

Crouse, K., Gitomer, D. H., & Joyce, J. (2016). An analysis of the meaning and use of student learning objectives. In K. Kappler Hewitt& A. Amrein-Beardsley (Eds.), Student growth measures in policy and practice: Intended and unintended consequences of high-stakes teacher evaluations (pp. 203–222). New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan. Doi: 10.1057/978-1-137-53901-4

Honors & Awards

Distinguished Alumni, Learning Research and Development Center, University of Pittsburgh

Outstanding Alumni Award, Learning and Research Development Center, University of Pittsburgh

Legacy Laureate Award, University of Pittsburgh

Scientist Award, Educational Testing Service 

Professional Affiliations

American Educational Research Association (AERA)

National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME)

European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI)



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    (848) 932-0642
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    GSE Room 9

  • Program Affiliations:

    Ph.D. Program (Director)

    Teacher Education

    Learning Sciences