G-SAC Positions

All officers are expected to be present at all meetings, save for extenuating circumstances and conflicts.  In addition, each officer will be responsible for some portion of each GSE Student Affairs Committee (G-SAC) event (roles will be chosen by interest). 
President: Presides at all meetings, provides leadership and builds consensus, attends or ensures attendance at the requisite number of Rutgers Graduate Student Association (GSA) meetings per year, re-submits the constitutions to the GSA each year.  The President is the public face of the organization, and the first point of contact for faculty. 
Current Co-Presidents:  Juliane Bilotta and Shari M. Cunningham 
Vice-President (of the Executive Board):  Aide to the President and, in case of the absence or disability of the President, pro tempore assumes and performs the duties of the President.  Respond to inquiries to the G-SAC email address and update the G-SAC website (this responsibility can be shared according to comfort level and interest). 
Current Vice-President: Dana Michelle Harris
Secretary: Keep the record of the proceedings of all meetings and post minutes to the G-SAC  website directly or by sending the information to the President/Vice President.  Conduct the correspondence of the organization. 
Current Secretary: Joseph (Joe) Olsen
Treasurer: Maintain the financial records of the organization; Be responsible for receiving all revenue of the organization; Pay all authorized bills for the organization; Render an account at each meeting, or more often if required, of all receipts and expenditures; Submit, at the last regular meeting of the Spring term, an annual report of the income and expenditures of the organization.
Current Treasurer: Dana Michelle Harris
Tech Chair: Maintain the technology aspects of G-SAC, including G-SAC Website maintenance, SAKAI group maintenance and our Facebook presence.  Serves as consultant for technology matters at GSE and provides information to the study body on such topics as computing equipment, use of eCollege and SAKAI and the use of technology for research.
Current Tech Chair: Open
Faculty Advisors:
Dr. Drew Gitomer
Area of Study: Learning and Teaching