Mission and Constitution

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Student Affairs Committee, to enrich, expand, and enhance the social, cultural and academic climate of Graduate School of Education and the Rutgers community through the ongoing presentation of intellectually and aesthetically challenging programs and social events which may not otherwise be available. These programs and events will seek to supplement, support, and enhance the ongoing academic coursework at Graduate School of Education. In fulfilling this mission, the Student Affairs Committee strives to build better relationships among students, faculty and staff to foster an enriching Graduate School of Education community for Ed.M., Ed.D. and Ph.D. students.



Constitution of the Graduate School of Education Student Affairs Committee of Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey - New Brunswick

[Approved by the Student Affairs Committee in Spring 2012]


a.      This organization shall be known as the Graduate School of Education-Student Affairs Committee (GSE-SAC).


b.     The purpose of this organization shall be to further the social, cultural and academic interests of all Ed.M., Ed.D. and Ph.D. students in the Graduate School of Education (GSE).



a.      All currently enrolled and matriculating students in the Graduate School of Education, all other interested matriculating graduate students, Rutgers Faculty and Staff, and GSE alumni can be members.



a.      At least three (3) regular meetings shall be held each academic semester (i.e., 3 meetings from September to December and 3 meetings from January to May).


b.     Regular meetings will be open to any individuals interested in being a member of GSE-SAC. At least once per academic year, G-SAC will invite the GSE community by email to participate in GSE-SAC.


c.      Meeting times and dates shall be decided by the executive committee and announced to all members of GSE-SAC no later than seven (7) days before the scheduled meeting.


d.     Special meetings shall be called by the President (a)

i.       Upon written demand of five (5) SAC members, or

ii.     At the request of the Executive Committee.


e.      A quorum for all regular and special meetings shall consist of at least two officers.


f.       Any situation not provided for in the Constitution or in binding resolutions of the SAC shall be decided according to Robert's Rules of Order, Revised.




  1. The executive committee shall be comprised of volunteers and consist of the following positions:
    1. President
    2. Vice President
    3. Secretary
    4. Treasurer
    5. Tech Chair


  1. In the case of limited interest in executive committee participation, positions on the executive committee may be combined. However, the executive committee shall consist of a minimum of three members.


  1. The President shall:
    1. Preside at all meetings of the organization
    2. Call special meetings when requested
    3. Perform other such duties as customarily pertain to the office of President
    4. Attend faculty meetings as requested by the Dean of the GSE
    5. Attend and/or ensure attendance of the requisite number of yearly GSA meeting
    6. Revise and re-submit the GSA constitution yearly


  1. The Vice-President shall:
    1. Be an aide to the President, and, in case of the absence or disability of the President, pro tempore assume and perform the duties of the President.


  1. The Secretary shall:
    1. Keep the record of the proceedings of all meetings and post minutes to the SAC GSE website and/or the SAC Sakai site;
    2. Conduct the correspondence of the organization.
    3. Keep an updated email list of members


  1. The Treasurer shall:
    1. Work with the GSE Business office and GSE administrative assistants to:

1.     Maintain financial records of the organization

2.     Receive all revenue of the organization

3.     Pay all authorized bills for the organization

    1. Render an account at each meeting, or more often if required, of all receipts and expenditures
    2. Submit, at the last regular meeting of the Spring term, a written, detailed annual report of the income and expenditures of the organization.


  1. Representatives may be appointed by the executive committee or faculty members. These positions will be based on interest and willingness to serve. These may include, but are not limited to:
    1. Ph.D. Representative
    2. Ed.D. Representative
    3. Ed.M. Representative
    4. CSA Representative
    5. Alumni Representative
    6. International Representative
    7. Representatives of other programs or of departments as requested


  1. Representatives shall:
    1. Keep their respective groups informed of upcoming events and initiatives
    2. Participate as they are able in SAC meetings and events
    3. Serve as determined by executive committee, including but not limited to chairing SAC programs and events


  1. All officers shall serve without salary or financial remuneration.




a.      The standing committees of this organization shall be Executive Committee, Student Welcome Committee, Orientation Committee, Five-year Committee, Poster-Picnic Committee, Brown Bag Committee, TIMA coordinating committee.


b.     Each Committee Chairperson shall:

                           i.          Be responsible for all activities of that committee;

                         ii.          Be responsible for all proper financial accounting of that committee, under the supervision of the Treasurer;

                        iii.          Be prepared to report orally at each regular meeting;

                        iv.          Submit a written report of the activities of that committee at the last regular meeting of the Spring term ;

                         v.          Carry out all directions of the Executive Committee; and

                        vi.          Serve without salary or financial remuneration.


c.      Each Committee shall:

                           i.          Submit an annual budget to the Executive Committee as early as possible;

                         ii.          Have its membership determined by the Executive Committee, unless stipulated otherwise elsewhere in this document;

                        iii.          Hold meetings which are closed to those who are not members of the committee, unless the committee invites specific individuals to attend or votes to hold an open meeting;

                        iv.          Communicate with the GSE community regarding programs and initiatives

                         v.          Execute relevant Executive Committee policies; and

                        vi.          Report at regular meetings of SAC regarding Committee activities and deliberations or submit an update to the Executive Committee.

d.     The Executive Committee shall:

                           i.          Appoint, supervise, and pay out of SAC funds such employees as are necessary

                         ii.          Meet at the discretion of the President;

                        iii.          Recommend an agenda for each SAC meeting;

                        iv.          Submit the annual GSA budget at a regular meeting during the fall, in consultation with the committee chairpersons; and

                         v.          Be composed, for the summer, of the newly elected members of the Executive Committee along with the incumbent members.


e.      Special Committees may be established by a vote of the Executive Committee. Such special committees must be reauthorized by the Executive Committee in order to continue operating from year to year.


f.       In the event that appropriate candidates cannot be found to serve on a given Standing Committee, that committee's duties will be performed by the Executive Committee.




i.       SAC members interested in holding an officer position on the executive committee shall volunteer for positions in which they are interested. Officers will be allowed to maintain their positions across academic years with the majority consent of participating members of SAC.


ii.     In the case of more interest than positions, officers shall be elected by a majority of the legal votes cast by the officers and representatives of SAC at its March meeting of the academic year. They shall take office for the September meeting and shall serve for a period of 12 months after a transition period during which they will work with the current officers. In the event of a tie vote, the candidate with the most months of service to GSE-SAC will be elected.


iii.    If any elective office shall become vacant, the President shall order at the earliest possible date a special meeting of SAC for the purpose of filling such office. The member who volunteers shall take office immediately enter upon his/her duties and shall remain in office until the next regular election.




  1. The proposed amendment must be submitted to the Secretary in writing by no fewer than two members of SAC.


  1. The proposed amendment shall be discussed at the next regular meeting after the meeting at which it was submitted, provided that all members of the organization have been previously informed of its contents.


  1. Two-thirds of the legal votes cast shall be required to pass the amendment.




  1. At least one member of the faculty of the Graduate School of Education shall serve as advisor to the Graduate School of Education Student Affairs Committee (SAC). Advisors will:
  2. Serve voluntarily and according to interest;
  3. Be appointed by the executive committee and serve as long as desired, pending continued approval of the executive committee.




  1. SAC shall comply with all pertinent Rutgers University Regulations and any other rules, regulations, and policies.


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