GSE at Rutgers Day 2018: Play is Learning

April 30, 2018

For the second successful year, Rutgers GSE showcased our “Play is Learning” theme at Rutgers Day. The GSE hosted several play stations for children to enjoy while the adults were able to learn more about not only what skills were being attained from these different methods of play, but why play overall is important to children and their development.

This year’s hit station was the “Creative Play Center” that was fully equipped with slime in various colors as well as Play-Doh. Children were able to freely form the slime and practice cooperation while taking turns with the different bins of slime. They were also able to build and create different shapes with Play-Doh and build their content knowledge by mixing colors to create new ones.

Down at the “Construction Play Center,” children were able to use their problem-solving skills to build – and destroy – block towers while building different structures. These activities also allowed them the chance to exercise their use of sustained attention and create something they were happy with.

The “Dramatic Play Center” was also a hit with many children leaving with a puppet they had created. In some cases parents helped their kids with the creation process and also made puppets of their own. Once the puppets were built, the symbolic representation was visible as they pretended their puppet was a doctor or a superhero.

Once again, the Center for Literacy Development provided their “Make and Take a Story Sparkle Center” – complete with iconic images from classic children’s stories as well as glitter and other materials for the kids to use to make the image their own. Parents also seemed to like this station, where some would help their child and others colored a picture for themselves.

GSE visitors stayed at our tent for quite some time as parents enjoyed being able to sit and take a break while their children explored different methods of play. Several parents thanked us for reminding them why play is important and it really brought home the “Play is Learning” theme for our team.

Visit our Flickr album for photos of the day!

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