ESL Teacher, Elementary

Job Posting: English as a Second Language Teacher: Elementary 
(2016-2017 School Year)
Maria L. Varisco-Rogers Charter School, Newark, NJ
Please Contact: (Copy of Resume, Cover Letter, NJ Instructional Certificates)
Attention: Ms. Heyward, Principal

• Valid New Jersey Teacher of ESL Standard Certificate, Certificate of Eligibility, or Certificate of Eligibility w/Advance Standing.
• Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of teaching English as a Second Language, child growth and development, effective instructional strategies, classroom management, learning assessment and diagnosis and research related to learning and children needing to learn English as a second language.
• Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in English, both orally and in writing with proper grammar and vocabulary.

Reports to: Principal

Performance Responsibilities: 
• Plan, organize and provide instruction to assist students in mastering verbal and written skills in English using individual and small group techniques. Provide instruction and experiences in learning the culture of the community to ensure that all students meet and exceed the State Core Curriculum Content Standards in the area of ESL and MLVR Charter School educational goals and objectives by promoting active learning and skills development in the classroom.
• Maintain records indicating progress of the student and assist with the evaluation and assessment of students.
• Assist the professional staff through individual consultation and/or staff development sessions with understanding effective strategies and approaches to meet the needs of the students who are learning English as a second language.
• Summarize, interpret and disseminate current developments in English as a Second Language programs through reading of professional journals, participation in professional development and involvement in professional organizations.
• Engage the learners in differentiated learning experiences for the range of skill levels and developmental needs found in the classroom, managing, when appropriate, multiple instructional activities simultaneously.
• Submit lesson plans in the approved form to the Principal as required and requested.
• Assist with the preparation, monitoring and following of the Individualized Education Plans for selected students assigned to the class.

Posted: October 25, 2016