CANCELED: GSE Poster Session

Thursday, March 26, 2020 2:00pm - 4:00pm

GSE 124



The GSE Poster Session is held annually as a requirement for second-year and third-year LCID students to present their first- and second-year research. However, all students (and faculty as well) from across the GSE are invited to participate, and we strongly encourage you to do so. This is an opportunity to share your research, learn about the research of others, and also test-run any posters or presentations you might be giving to other audiences (e.g., AERA).

This year’s Poster Session will take place on Thursday, March 26, 2020, from 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm. As was done for previous sessions, in an effort to give the GSE community more of an opportunity to learn about the great work taking place here, we will be displaying the posters in the GSE Lecture Hall (Room 124) on Wednesday, March 25, starting at 1:00 pm, and all day on Thursday, March 26, leading up to the official start of the event. At your convenience, all are welcome to visit the Lecture Hall before the event to really get a sense of the posters/work that you’d like to learn more about. Then, during the actual event, you can jump right into discussion with the researchers.

The Poster Session is a great opportunity for both faculty and students to become familiar with the excellent research in which peers and colleagues are involved, to develop the intellectual community here at the GSE, and to engage in meaningful conversation with people—some who share your area of interest/expertise and some who may draw your attention and curiosity about areas you may not have considered before. Even if you are not presenting, please come to the session to support and learn from our students.


2020 GSE Poster Session Participants
Title: Re-Learning(?): A Study of Developmental Math Students Responding to Content Seen Before
Authors: Kristen Amman & Juan Pablo Mejía Ramos
Presenter: Kristen Amman
Title: Students’ Conceptualizations of the Role of Evidence in Modeling
Authors: Na'ama Y. Av-Shalom, Ravit Golan Duncan, & Clark A. Chinn
Presenter: Na'ama Y. Av-Shalom
Title: A Variable-Length Stopping Rule for CD-CAT
Authors: Yuan-Pei Chang & Chia-Yi Chiu
Presenter: Yuan-Pei Chang
Title: Exploring the Transfer of Students’ Competencies From Virtual Inquiry to Hands-on Inquiry
Authors: Rachel Dickler, Janice Gobert, Charity Staudenraus, & Rinat Levy-Cohen
Presenter: Rachel Dickler
Title: A Review of Speededness in Testing and Psychological Measurement
Author/Presenter: Kimberly Dustman
Title: STEM Majors: Recruitment, Retention, & Roadblocks
Author/Presenter: Daniel Lopez
Title: Supporting DREAMers: Perceptions of undocumented students and their college experience
Author/Presenter: Cynthia N. Sánchez Gómez
Title: An Analysis of Racialized and Gendered Logics in Black Women’s Interpretations of Instructional Events in Undergraduate Pre-calculus and Calculus Classrooms
Authors: Brittany Marshall, Taylor McNeill, Luis Leyva, & Dan Battey
Presenter: Brittany Marshall
Title: Developing conceptual understanding of instantaneous change while utilizing physical knowledge in the solution of the catwalk problem
Author/Presenter: Jianene Meola
Title: Sociocultural Approaches to Second Language Teaching and Learning; ESL Learning at the Conversation Cafe
Author/Presenter: Jehan Mohamed
Title: Remote Robotic Telescopes in Education
Author/Presenter: Mariel O’Brien
Title: Peer Instructors as Vectors for Pedagogical Knowledge
Authors: Joe Olsen, Sari Katzen, Anna Sandberg, & Corey Ptak
Presenters: Joe Olsen & Corey Ptak
Title: The effect of altered Lexile levels of the same text on reading comprehension
Authors: Catherine Rand, Muriel Rand, & Mary McGriff
Presenter: Catherine Rand
Title: ISLE-Based Laboratory Reform at an Urban University
Authors: Joshua Rutberg, Diane Jammula, & Eugenia Etkina
Presenter: Joshua Rutberg
Title: Classification Consistency and Accuracy for Cognitive Diagnostic Assessment with Nonparametric Classification Methods
Authors: Chia-Yi Chiu & Yu Wang
Presenter: Yu Wang
Title: Designing Proof Comprehension Tests in Real Analysis
Authors: Kristen Amman, Brooke Athey, Drew Gitomer, Lino Guajardo, Kristen Lew, Juan Pablo Mejía Ramos, Kathleen Melhuish, Joe Olsen, Keith Weber, & Christian Woods
Presenter: Christian Woods

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