Brown Bag Lecture Series: Carol Tate

Wednesday, December 12, 2018 11:45am - 1:00pm

GSE 124

Brown Bag Lecture Series

An Overview of the Computer Science for All Movement

Carol Tate, Rutgers University

The current national movement to make computer science a core subject in the K-12 curriculum—known collectively as Computer Science for All—shares several common themes with previous waves of school reform. Among these themes are a push to broaden access to elite academic content, promotion of a progressive, student-centered pedagogy, and a call for schools to prepare students for a changing economy. In this talk I will provide an overview of some of the commonalities and differences in how CS for All projects approach their goal of broadening participation in computing, and what they might learn from previous efforts to achieve social and economic goals through the K-12 curriculum. Data from interviews with new teachers of computer science will provide a view into the experiences of those charged with enacting this reform.


Carol Tate is a researcher with SRI International's Center for Education Research & Innovation (CERI), specializing in design, research, and evaluation projects with a focus on improving teaching quality in STEM fields. Tate's areas of expertise include instrument development, qualitative data collection, analysis and reporting. Her primary research interests relate to how curriculum design and contextual factors interact to affect teaching quality and student learning. Tate's recent work at SRI has focused on efforts to broaden access to computer science education in K-12.  In this work, Tate researches how implementation factors are related to outcomes in a large-scale curriculum project in Hong Kong; how curriculum design can support synergistic learning of computational thinking and kinematics in high school; and the challenges faced by new teachers of computer science in high-needs schools. Tate is currently a doctoral student in the LCID department of the Rutgers GSE. She holds an M.Ed. from Rutgers University and a B.A. in history from Brown University. 

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