Announcement of Ed.D. Proposal Defense: The Intersectionality of Race/Ethnicity/ Gender on the Retention/Enrollment of Black Preservice Teachers in a PWI teacher education program

Wednesday, November 13, 2019 11:15am - 1:15pm

GSE 211

The purpose of this proposal is to identify and illuminate, if any and to what extent, the perceived positive and negative aspects of the multiple social identities of Black Preservice Teacher’s (BPT) and Black Preservice Alumni (BPA), who are/were enrolled in a Predominantly White Institution (PWI) teacher education program, impact how these participants intersect with macro-level structural factors to illustrate or produce disparate enrollment and retention outcomes. This phenomenological case study will utilize the theoretical framework of intersectionality with a focus on how race, gender and ethnicity impact nine BPT and BPA participants during their three phases of enrollment at the PWI teacher education program and how this results in low enrollment and/or retention. While all preservice teachers, regardless of race, gender and ethnicity can be trained to be effective teachers of Black students, Black teachers can be more adept at motivating and engaging students of color. Six BPT’s and three BPA’s will be interviewed to determine their experiences during their teacher preparation and /or post-graduation.


Who to contact:

Lisa M. Knox-Brown