Announcement of Ed.D. Dissertation Defense: Equity-focused Praxis: A Case Study of a Secondary School Principal

Wednesday, January 29, 2020 10:00am - 12:00pm

GSE 11

As the student landscape in American K-12 public schools continues to grow increasingly Brown and Black, school leaders are now confronting the legacy of standards-based school reform measures that have not produced academic achievement outcomes among students of color, English learners, and other marginalized populations equal to those of White, wealthy, and otherwise culturally dominant students. Studies have shown that American teachers, approximately 80% of whom are White, typically arrive to their first professional teaching positions with little experience interacting with students from different racial or cultural backgrounds and lack training in culturally sustaining pedagogy (CSP). In response, principals and other school leaders have taken it upon themselves to promote instructional practices that may lead to equitable achievement levels for marginalized students. Although many studies have conceptualized the merits and tenets of CSP, there are relatively few empirical studies depicting successful implementation of CSP. The purpose of this case study is to describe how an “equity-focused” school leader – a secondary principal – enacts a shared understanding of equity consciousness and culturally sustaining practices among her faculty. By studying a secondary
   school principal’s reflexive thinking and actions centered on equity – her praxis – new understandings can be learned for school districts that wish to promote equitable practices, especially through CSP.
   Keywords: culturally sustaining pedagogy, equity-consciousness, praxis


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Daniel Loughran